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The Memories of Music Behind Brent Dixon’s Latest Album, Singletary St. Soul

August 21st, 2017

The Memories of Music Behind Brent Dixon’s Latest Album, Singletary St. Soul

Instrumental innovator Brent Dixon’s latest collection of riveting vibrations— Singletary St. Soul—expands upon the artist’s growing body of work being compiled under Divided Souls Ent. LLC. Produced, recorded, arranged, mixed & engineered by the Baton Rogue native; the project was born out of remembrance and respect for his earliest musical inspirations. States Dixon,
“Some of my fondest memories of music were playing 45s, albums, and 8 track tapes on my grandmother's stereo system. The music coming out of those speakers was equal parts beautiful and inspirational. You could feel the soul filling the house with good vibes. This foundation inspired me to do what I do now. It all stems from those early experiences on Singletary Street where my passion for music was nurtured and cultivated in that living room”. Dedicated to his grandmother, the album is filled with compelling tracks like, “Momma's Love” and offers up stimulating fluted rhythms on songs such as, “Grand Groove” with other songs sure to draw an eager new audience of listeners.
While Singletary St. Soul is a solo project, his unique instrumentation collaborations with Chris "Spanky" Moss, continue to deliver on their creative use of percussion sounds. Woven within the stylized tracks crafted by the duo, one finds both hard-hits and subtle edges, that have built them a solid reputation for original artistry. Dixon’s new album was recorded at Singletary St. Soul Studio. With “Grand Groove” being recorded at Esplanade Studios in New Orleans by Misha Kachkachishvili and mixed by John Shelton Edgewater Studios in Sugarland, TX. It was mastered by Joey Villa for Remedy Born Muzik/Gift of Love (Maw Maw Tribute) by Brent Dixon.

Singletary St. Soul is now available on ITUNES via Spit Digital

and his website