Anime Oscen


For Anime Oscen, music has been a lifelong endeavor that began with a Fisher Price Whinnie the Poo record player. From the start, her musical predilections have been varied. Peter Cetera; Pink Floyd, Willie Nelson, Metallica, etc. She has always admired, and even immortalized, classical songstresses like Bette Midler and Celine Dion. Her song-writing abilities have been compared to the likes of Joni Mitchell and Alanis Morrisette.


Anime is self-taught in both singing and song-writing, but for a handful of vocal lessons she had over the years to augment her natural abilities. She dabbles with several instruments and has band experience, but focuses on solo singing and song-writing as her first loves. Her style could best be described as a cocktail of R&B/Pop and folk.


Her hope is to generate peace and love through music and fill as many hearts with positivity as she is able to influence. Anime has always been passionate about activism and helping those in need. The love of nature and protecting its sanctity is at her core, and her desire for positive change is reflected in her songs.

 Anime is Canadian, and grew up in the former “Steel City” of Hamilton, Ontario. She also spent time residing in Northern Kentucky.


GreenLove Records a small independent label that represents Anime Oscen. Established in 2015 it’s theme is one of peace and unity.