Crew Grrl Order (SLAMjamz Records Catalog)

SLAMjamz Records Catalog

The 'She-Movement'. is a force that promises to bring a change in the current state of Hip Hop by invoking more female groups, producers and artistic expressions in Hip Hop. The trio of Crew Grrl Order' brings a mission to resurrect the female presence in Hip Hop through the musical movement. Members include lyricist, RETINA (North Carolina), Street Poetess, LADY PAYN (Atlanta/Brooklyn) the latest addition is the majestic CLEO JONES from North Carolina. Alternate members include the energetic, Ms Ebonee (North Carolina/Queens) and drummer 'Crystal Meth'. Their debut album, 'B-Girl Stance' set a new standard nationwide, complimenting the national touring that has followed.

Crew Grrl Order's sound is a diverse mixture of classic Hip Hop with a mainstream image, yet street edged. Their lyrically masterful tracks are laced with hot and clever production from with the SLAMjamz Records family. New releases will show the potential for these and other female artist/groups in to excel the male dominated rap game.

The next chapter in the CREW GRRL ORDER story was their album and single 'ALL BETS ARE OFF' featuring the great MC LYTE.A LIVE album in 2011 is coming, possible documentary,solo projects from LADY PAYN, RETINA and CLEO JONES and many more audio-visual offerings.