Dirty North (SLAMjamz Records Catalog)

(SLAMjamz Catalog)


Duos have long been de-emphasized in rap music in favor of solo projections. Formulaic marketing ideas have crowded the idea of the 2-3 or even 4 man group punch. Cutting to the chase DirtY NortH is a dynamic mix of 2 emcees who hail from different parts of the U.S.A. , QUEST HAVEN is from New York, Roosevelt Long Island to be exact, MESSENGER BOY hails from the Atlanta outskirts of Griffin Georgia. The duo was formed from a suggestion that each of them were spending much studio time and energy on solo projects that had no apparent place or home.

This combination of hyper north-south-ism has created a blend guaranteed to stir the masses. The forms of NYC street, and southern crunk are met and mixed with other styles as well as matched by this duo on their releases CONFLICT RE'SOUL'UTION and STRESS. As with other acts these cats are well equipped with good stories and a torrid stage act. Like a HipHop Sam and Dave , trained to use the gift of a good executed song to raise the crowd and make it hard for the next act to follow.