Divided Souls

Divided Souls Entertainment, LLC has come to embody the characteristics of versatility and well-thought, carefully constructed music. Whether it’s Hip Hop, R&B, or individually-crafted songs for cable television shows, this music production company from Southern Louisiana, like so much of the heritage of this region, focuses on quality and tradition over disposable art and fading fads. From the onset, Divided Souls Entertainment has stressed quality over quantity by aligning with artists that have a similar approach to making music.

Whether it is David Banner and Public Enemy stressing Black consciousness, Killer Mike thumping his chest for Rock Star Games, or cultivating relationships with music supervisors and sound design coordinators, developing synergy within these partnerships is an identifiable component of their success. In an era of “I” and “me,” Divided Souls Entertainment recognizes the strength of “we” and “us” as integral elements, undergirding alliances and making music that stands the test of time.