East Duel West

East Duel West aka EDW is an established two man production and songwriting team, comprised of Sammy Vegas aka Sammy Sam (Public Enemy), and Charlie Mac. The name was given to the group by the legendary Hip Hop icon, Chuck D of Public Enemy. The name represents the two cultures of the team. Sammy Vegas is Korean, which symbolizes the East, and Charlie Mac is American, symbolizing the West.

Combined the pair makes East Duel West! Both are artist with multiple projects constantly in the works. Sammy Vegas has a solo album out, and more on the way. Sammy Vegas is an accomplished songwriter, having worked with YDG, Kilgun, Flavor Flav, Chuck D, Public Enemy, etc. Sammy Vegas is also working on some TV shows, and is the only Asian member of Public Enemy.

Charlie Mac is an accomplished music producer. Chuck D referred to Charlie Mac as a resident Timbaland. Charlie Mac has released several instrumental albums, produced music for various artists, films, games, and produces music for some of the most popular reality shows on TV today. On any given day, his music is being heard by millions.

Together the duo makes up a power house, with endless musical possibilities.