Jelani Malik

 A man with a passion to share his story. Jelani Malik was born in Long Island, NY to an aspiring Gospel artist and a member of the Hip Hop greats Public Enemy. Growing up Jelani knew the struggle of depression that thousands of people face today and, like so many, couldn't find the right thing to conquer it. With emotions trapped inside and depression reaching it's high, a pencil and a notebook seemed like the only logical way to release. After finally feeling the freedom from his state of mind, Jelani realized two things: He loves Jesus and knew that his story needed to be shared because it's much bigger than him. Fast forward 6 years and Jelani hasn't looked back. Now 22, a college graduate, and residing in Orlando, FL he looks to use the art of story telling God placed in him to inspire the next generation of creative minds. The road hasn't been perfect but his faith in God and passion to see change in people who suffer from depression and other social injustices keeps him focused. Coming off of his debut album, Graduation Day (2015), Jelani looks to show transparency, inspiration, and his love of Christ through the fused tunes of Soul, R&B, and Hip Hop.