Kendo The Almost Famous (SLAMjamz Records Catalog)

The eclectic style of Long Island native Kenneth Walker is evident in the five different MC techniques that he uses with verbal dexterity. With the new millennium needing a taste of Sly And The Family Stone, Kendo brings it with the diverse and opinionated band- The Almost Famous, bringing logic laced rhythms that heat up the party.

Known as 'Do to family and friends, Kendo was a product of the 80's, growing up during an era of multi-talented Hip-Hop artists, such as Public Enemy, Erick B & Rakim, and N.W.A.; artists of an era that produced authentic music still being used as a mold for the kind of sounds we hear today. These influences, as well as the "big brother mentoring" of Chuck D helped stoke his renowned fire.

Songwriter, lyricist, producer, actor mentor, friend, and father, Kendo's calm demeanor presents us with logic and truth, bringing clear and enlightening lyrics. Living by his Motto "Never Stop" and the words of one of his many hit songs "It Always Feels Like Somebody's Watching Me" Kendo and The Almost Famous Band is continuously reaching for a higher level and seeking more to accomplish with hot new projects coming, while they live their lives and perform every song as if the world is always watching.