Kris Payne

For an artist to be both timeless in sound and timely requires flow and lyrics that will take you back. For North Carolina born and Brooklyn raised rapper Kris Payne, it’s effortless. Having spent the last decade in Baldwin NY, his popularity in both Long Island and New York at large has taken this highly intellectual college student to new heights. Deftly blending book smarts with street smarts, he brilliantly interprets the world’s current conversation in riveting rhymes. 

His music expresses his rise out of struggles as a youth in Brooklyn with flows being compared to Biggie, LL Cool J, and Dr. Dre. This Ace in the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity plans to be the Hip Hop spokesman for all Greeks as he utilizes the power of both academia and art. With an ever-evolving popularity, including unanimous decision-wins in rap battles, he is now set for the world stage.


With his next move set for BET’s 106 and Park’s Freestyle Friday, and as close friend to recent winner, Blind Fury, he is honing his act to present what all the hype is about surrounding him. As a new artist on SpitSlam Record Label Group, he’s bringing a 10-track debut album, “Don’t Need Ya Money” in March. In addition to his music, his appearance in international cinema such as Netflix’s BATTLE MOVIE means there will be multifaceted angles to his rise to fame. With such moves, 2019-20 promises to bring global listeners a healthy dose of PAYNE.