Memphis Jelks


SLAMjamz South

You may have heard of Memphis music legends, Isaac Hayes, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley. What do they all have in common? Like Memphis Jelks, all of these artists came to stardom in Memphis, TN, but each of them are from the outskirts of Memphis.

Jacoby "Memphis" Jelks, aka J-Smoove, grew up in Lauderdale County (approximately 65 miles north of Memphis) in a small town called Ripley, TN. Over time, he honed his skills as a DJ, music producer and recording artist. Given the name "Memphis" by the legendary Chuck D of the group Public Enemy, Jelks is poised to become a memorable artist in the Hip Hop genre, respectfully.

Known for producing hypnotic beats, i.e. DJ Paul and Juicy J, and his straight to the point rhyme style, Smoove blends soulful hooks and meaningful lyrics to create a nostalgic atmosphere intended to inspire his listeners.

After releasing two studio albums, "Call Me Up" and "The Last Classic" under the Memphis based label Portra Records, J-Smoove went on to release several underground albums as an independent artist under his own record label, dubbed "Ori-G-inO Records". The success of these albums, ultimately lead to Jacoby landing numerous gigs in and around the city of Memphis before gradually meeting Memphis rap legend Al Kapone and crew. The result was Jacoby performing at more upscale venues and events, including the Beale St. Music Festival as a background vocalist for Kapone.

It was during this period that Memphis Jelks had a chance meeting with Chuck D that would change his music career forever. Everyone, please meet Memphis Jelks aka J-Smoove of SpitDigital Recordings.