MF 911 (SLAMjamz Records Catalog)

SLAMjamz Records Catalog

MF911 is an American hip hop trio from Detroit, Michigan, United States[1] that consists of Antlive Cedrat and Mainy Main. The trio is Detroit’s 2nd Rap group to be signed to a major label Next Plateau / London Polygram Records. Acclaimed for hardcore East Coast Hip-Hop in Detroit, The group is best known for its Boombap, hardcore beats & delivery as exemplified by the iconic 1993 Hood Anthem "900." MF911 aka MEGAFORCE 911 was discovered and Named by Chuck D of Public Enemy in 1987. After losing contact with Chuck D for a year, MF911 quickly became members of the Ultramagnetic Mc’c Foundation in 1991 releasing their first album Idol The Bloodsport in 1993 with the support and production from Ced Gee, J Dilla aka Jay Dee and group members Antlive & Cedrat.

Their only albums on Next Plateau was critically acclaimed, Idol The Bloodsport is considered to be a Detroit classic among avid Hip-Hop listeners and general fans.[4][5] The group briefly disbanded in 1995 after a feud between its members but that has since been resolved and they have reunited for a 25th anniversary tour and new album.[6] Their Third studio album Return To The Bloodsport being released on November 6, 2015