Hailing from Stockton, CA, Tapiro is an artist whose passion for music has transcended decades. As a young man, he found a calling—a space on the page that provided a comfort his external world could not. The years that followed would be filled with the refinement of his craft and development of his lyrical prowess, in addition to an earnest dedication to spirituality and healthy consciousness.  

This level of artistry caught the ear of none other than Chuck D, from the legendary Public Enemy, whose mentorship proved fundamental in giving Tapiro his first real break into the industry.

In a musical landscape dominated by excess, Tapiro remains raw. He and his music stand firmly rooted in the essence of true hip-hop culture: modern day lyricism over hard hitting beats. Real raps and real identity. This is just the introduction.

"A man who stands for nothing, falls for anything"   Malcolm X   ---------------------------------- TAPIRO also has a recording alias called rudeFILTER someone who will embark of various moods of the hiphop rap idiom under that moniker .

rude FILTER is the story of an artist struggling to be heard. A human fighting to be recognized beyond the american stereotype. Respectful to the hiphop cultural history as well as the peoples past that it evolves from, rudeFILTER is that extra example of how the world still judges books by their covers in this 21st century.