The Impossebulls (SLAMjamz Records Catalog)

SLAMjamz Records Catalog

In 2000, Chuck D of Public Enemy reached out to some of his fans to collaborate on a song about the oncoming demise of major record labels. That song, "We Don't Need You", also featured Kyle Jason, Professor Griff, and PE fans that came together via the ENEMYBOARD forum on

The song was recorded in pieces and transmitted digitally using MP3 compression, a first at the time. From there, Chuck commissioned Producer/ Emcee C-Doc (The WarHammer) to put together a group that would continue to record in this fashion.

Thus, The Impossebulls were born.

Over the years, the collaborators have changed, but the core ideals remain the same. Hiphop, truth, no boundaries, no rules. They keep on going, showing up from time to time, either live or on a recording, doing what they do because they love to do it.