Don’t Need Ya Money ( VidMash )

This is the Kris Payne VidMash Mixx ...featuring the songs FRESH AIR, RING THE PAYNE, JOE PAYNE and PROMISES with Chuck D
Fresh Air (Prod by Glen Polisix King/ BRobbins) this record came from the dungeon, came from Conversation with a friend of mines, Barry Robbins from Strong Island HipHop, he said the game needed a breath of fresh air, and with him being a DJ we searched for a familiar breeze.

Ring The Payne (Prod by “Chuck D/ DOC) Mimicking The Worldwide ring tone of “iPhone” this record was done to solidly show the lyrical writing format and display of creativity amongst the digital world. Records like this can branch off and become more than memorabilia so therefore “Hear My Dial Tone”.J

oe Payne (Produced By “Glen Polisix King”) this record is more of a favorable record and for sentimental reasons of it being dedicated to Payne’s Grandfather “Joe Payne”. The essence of James brown was the likeness of this man and with him also being a father figure to Kris, this record is surely dedicated to this cause.

Promises (Produced by “DJ Journey”) ironic this is a record i always wanted to do with Legend “Chuck D” and it came into fusion when DJ Journey lectured me on PE history. Then it came time to represent the culture under authority of NBA player Lebron James. The i promise academy where we filmed the video and touching down in Akron was surreal.