Hot Moms

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Sammy Vegas salutes a grown night out salute to the mothers who get that night out, especially after doing the hard task of what mothers do in these societies. Lets em dance dance dance yowsah!

Yeah whoever believes its only a mans world probably still thinks that a Mom shouldnt be hot and stay at home while Dad still hits the sports bar or club. This club parody song vid is to the Hot Moms from Sammy Vegas the humorous Pitbullike dancefloor maestro from Asia. Dance on 'Mama'

Hot Moms
recording artist: Sammy Vegas
Produced by: Sammy Sam, Kenny Lee
Lyrics by: Retina Hogue
chorus: Sammy Vegas
mixed by: Kenny Lee
engineered by: Ryan Ray
recording studio: Digital insight

Directed by David C Snyder HWIC FILMS