Video Credits: Produced and Directed by Carl Ryder Edited by David C. Snyder


I just wanna hear you breathe and I wanna feel it on my skin I just wanna let you in so bad but I gotta fight what I’m feeling Get any closer Game will be over And I’ll be under Your spell I’ll try to warn ya That I might own ya Cause I am magic as well

CHORUS Ooooo I wanna rock with ya Roll with ya Take it nice and slow with ya Give to ya Take from ya Be the music you make I said hit me like a drum And tell me your the one That’s makin’ me sing this song

You wanna show me a place where I can feel you deep inside my mind Gonna give me a taste of what I will be fiending for in time Feel any better Be so much Huh maybe I should stop talkin’ right now The things you got me sayin’ The way you got me wantin’ Is even a shock to me somehow

CHORUS In, out, up, down Mind spinning ‘round In, out, up, down Staying on this ride, getting off right In, out, up, down Mind spinning ‘round On this ride Getting off right now I just wanna be the one to make you come running to my door I want you to be the sum of my calculation to get more Get any deeper Be so much weaker Unable to undo this spell You forgot to warn me You’d be the one to own me Now my will to resist has gone to hell CHORUS 3x