Teaser Not A Love Story Anime Oscen

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Not A Love Story


Here we are near a safe place

It’s not hard

Are you coming with me?

I saw the star, felt the power, read the charts

I knew that it would be

My heart’s been tricked before

When sparks fell to the floor and

Although I’ve been burned from you I’ve learned there’s more

It’s what you’re makin’ not what you buy

I’ve been mistaken before but not this time no

Not this time



This is not a love story

No end or make believe

You know it when the want becomes an ache and a need

You deny what’s inside

But it catches up to you in time

Cause you can run but you can’t hide

This is not a place it’s a state of mind, a state of mind


Verdict in, I am guilty

Now take my sin and never set me free

You’re gonna finish what you started

From the beginning you had my heart you did

There is no goin’ back

This hold is like a trap

Try as you may there’s no escape from that

It’s what you’re givin’ not what you buy

It’s like I’m living for the first time

You brought me to life




No restraints in our safe place

We remain cause that’s where we have to be

No obligation makes us stay

It’s inside a connection that doesn’t break

This bond is like a chain

You cannot sever fait

My other I need you’re air to breathe

It’s what your takin’ that’s up my mind

But I’m to blame I give you all my time

No sacrifice