Kendo The Almost Famous (SLAMjamz Records Catalog) - Almost Famous

Well, they say it takes ,pressure ,time ,and some pain to form the diamond base of a professional. House ripping aggressive arrangements in music and vocals are met on tracks like DANGEROUS MAN and the title track ALMOST FAMOUS which is also the name of the bands 3 players, Add these dynamics, you get the track HELL a lesson story, who DO asked yours truly to drop a verse. This cat will dig wreckin a club with music , not stupid irresponsible club ending actions. TURN ME UP, WEEKENDS AND ALL NIGHT, and a funny swiping on GANGSTA PARTY lets you know his club banging intent. Yeah, as a man should do , he got time for the women and ladies ,SCENT OF A WOMAN and HUNGRY 4 YR LV says it all. The producers from Ruffside, Jazbella, and the Headspinners touch off a style strung together by SLAM producer ABNORMAL DUBOSE.

No ,he ain't playing games. Although his material carries adult topic , any young cat checking this out is bound to get some jewels and responsibility to their psyche. Yeah, he reminds me of a hip hop Bill Withers, imposing like LL, sharp like Jay Z yet grown and sure of his thing no matter what. As the track on his self -titled album states' I WANNA LIVE' is a motto both KENDO THE ALMOST FAMOUS career and life should and probably does symbolize.


  • 1  Intro; Why Are We Here
  • 2  Scent Of A Woman
  • 3  Episode B: I'm Dangerous
  • 4  Dangerous Man
  • 5  Hungry 4 Yr Lv
  • 6  Gangster Party
  • 7  Almost Famous
  • 8  Episode C : The Truth Phantasm
  • 9  Replacement Killa
  • 10  Thin Line
  • 11  Episode D: Falling
  • 12  I Wanna Live
  • 13  Episode E: Nights Like This
  • 14  Weekends And All Night
  • 15  To Whom It May Concern
  • 16  Always Feels Like..
  • 17  Turn It Up
  • 18  Hell
  • 19  All Grown Up
  • 20  Sumphin New