Public Enemy - Apocalypse 91...The Enemy Strikes Black

Maybe it's a concept album, but every odd numbered track on Apocalypse is incredible, while the even tracks fall apart or never come together at all. If you listen to the odds, you get PE breaking down issues facing African Americans almost to minutiae, outing everything from corporate sneaker pimps ("Shut Em Down") and 40oz. killers ("One Million Bottlebags") to a racially corrupt government ("By the Time I Get to Arizona"). And, thankfully, most of that dogma is couched inside PE's trademark air-raid drill noisematics so you can shake your ass while PE sublimates the gospel into your brain. Unfortunately, drop the odd tracks and you're listening to a sonically and lyrically inferior album. Suffer through Flav's reprehensible plea for martyrdom in "A Letter to the New York Post," or the inane and superfluous "Bring Tha Noize"--a co-op with Anthrax which takes rap-rock crossover back to a sad place, alongside Lou Reed's "Original (W)rapper". --Todd Levin


  • 1  Lost at Birth
  • 2  Rebirth
  • 3  Nighttrain
  • 4  Can't Truss It
  • 5  I Don't Wanna Be Called Yo Niga
  • 6  How to Kill a Radio Consultant
  • 7  By the Time I Get to Arizona
  • 8  Move!
  • 9  1 Million Bottlebags
  • 10  More News at 11
  • 11  Shut 'Em Down
  • 12  A Letter to the New York Post
  • 13  Get the Fuck Outta Dodge
  • 14  Bring The Noize