the baNNed (SLAMjamz Records Catalog) - BaNNed For Life

The song by song description hails from the production genius of DJ Johnny Juice. THe baNNed is a necessity to the world of music today. Not exactly simply hip hop nor urban, they look to bring the lost art of instrumental recordings back to the rapscape. An added plus is their on point commentary and logic of musicology, combined with a killer live showcasing of these songs. Heres the breakdown , track by track...

1. Woman and Children First - Armaggedon has been in effect...

2. Passion of the Heist - The baNNed addresses how religion is being Man-Inpulated.

3. Speak Truth - This jam session addressess all those who pay too much lip-service.

4. Bush Whacked - The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are being Bush-Whacked. What, or Who is next?

5. Requiem for a Heavy Weight On My Shoulders - Music is cathartic. It heals the soul. This instrumental marks the begining of the end for all that troubles your mind.

6. I'm On Your Side - In these tying times, it seems like the whole world is against you. But no matter what, the baNNed is On Your Side.

7. Drugs Drugs Drugs - The US Prescription Pharmaceutical Industry is in FULL EFFECT. Are YOU hooked yet?

8. ABombANation - The Bush Administration has a vague, ever changing definition for "Terrorist." Are YOU one?


  • 1  Woman and Children First
  • 2  Passion of the Heist
  • 3  Speak Truth
  • 4  Bush Whacked
  • 5  Requiem for a Heavy Weight On My Shoulders
  • 6  I’m On Your Side
  • 7  Drugs, Drugs, Drugs
  • 8  AbombANation