Public Enemy - Beats And Places

Actually considered a 'hidden' album between the digital and analog transition and within a slew of releases in the past decade, PUBLIC ENEMYS BEATS AND PLACES  is about to get ceremoniously re released in January 2011 through the new SPITdigital / TUNECORE relationship to digital stores. This album largely produced by longtime PE contributor DJ Johnny JUICE Rosado features 14 tracks and a bonus revisitation of the single and video called Air Conditioning. The album was also produced from a audio-visual standpoint by David CDOC Snyder who's as well as producing tracks , had created 3 videos for the album as well as the DVD of music videos and documentaries he has created for the group and the SLAMjamz digital record label.

Public Enemy has again followed suit in bringing its music, words, imagery and meaning to the world. The highly influential Long Island New Yorkers have been together 23 years and delivered a barrage of classic albums awash with politically-charged lyrics. The group, which still features founding members Chuck D, Flavor Flav, and Professor Griff, has scores of imitators but is regarded by many as the definitive rap group. Beats and Places brings to the foreground key relevant Public Enemy tracks now to be heard in digital stores across the globe. 


  • 1  Here We Go Again
  • 2  Air Conditioning
  • 3  Who's Your Hero?
  • 4  The Flavor Flav Show
  • 5  Electric Slave
  • 6  Grand Theft Oil
  • 7  Hell No, We Ain't Allright
  • 8  Vidiot
  • 9  Like It Is
  • 10  $hit
  • 11  Break It to P.E. Aces
  • 12  All Aboard the New Nighttrain
  • 13  Do You Wanna Go Our Way???
  • 14  If I Gave You Soul (What Would You Do with It?)
  • 15  Air Conditioning (Revisited)