Kasuf and the Mazz Muvement - Black Godz In Space

Remember the Jackson Five's Third Album? Well, Kasuf and the Mazz Muvement's third album is like the joining of Sun Ra, John Coltrane, Imhotep, and Ravi Shankar. This seven track album is very relaxing, thought provoking, and the perfect backdrop to any film. Recorded in my living room, in Union City, Ga, on a digital 4-track......heavily overdubbed......I began to tap into another realm as I channelled these tunes.

From its first movement, "Get Yourself Together", to the final piece, "More Than a Genius, I am a God", "Black Gods in Space" captures your imagination and takes you on an enjoyable journey into mystery! Speaking of "Journey into Mystery", this title is taken from the old 12 cent Marvel Comic. "From the Hood to the Highlife" was created while I was reminiscing about walking through Roosevelt, Strong Island one night at 2am. I used to wear this black navy jacket with a sniper patch on the shoulder, two s.w.a.t. pins on my chest and a Malcolm X button over my left pec. I was on my way to my homeboy Rodney Butler's to hang out. I came up on Park Avenue, and a young brother who was out there on the corner doing this thing called out, "who is that".......when I got closer he said, "Oh's Slick......yo Slick, I thought you was a cop with that jacket on.....yo, you lucky man.......". So, that was my inspiration for creating "From the Hood to the Highlife".

The overall theme of this album is focussed on being confident, grounded. Not feeling that you are less than worthy. It's like a self-hypnotic album. "More than a Genius, I am a God" is a hypnotic work.......if you say that to yourself long enough, it will be your reality. "Anpu" is the jackal in the Khemetic pantheon, and it relates to music, and aries....warrior and protector. "Walking in the Rain Crying" is a reflection of an actual account; doesn't it sound wonderful? Black Gods in Space is myfavorite Kasuf and the Mazz Muvement listening album.

Kerwin Young- Geometric Khemist; U.S. Secretary of the Arts



  • 1  Get Yourself Together
  • 2  From The Hood To The Highlife
  • 3  Walking In The Rain Crying
  • 4  Melanin Is Power
  • 5  Journey Into Mystery
  • 6  Anpu
  • 7  More Than A Genius, I Am God