TAPIRO - Bored Walk EMpire

rude FILTER is the story of an artist struggling to be heard. A human fighting to be recognized beyond the american stereotype. Respectful to the hiphop cultural history as well as the peoples past that it evolves from, rudeFILTER is that extra example of how the world still judges books by their covers in this 21st century.

The concept of the album is loosely based on the "hero's journey" as he travels up the West coast for the weekend in an attempt to visit where I came from to gain insight on where he needs to go. A narrative of self-conflict in a sing rap songwriter style peppered with California Bay Area influence. He lives the genre of HipHop and RAP music and you can bet he’s Rhymin while Drivin.

Chuck D SPITdigital Recordings


  • 1  101 HIGHWAY
  • 2  Bored Walk EMpire
  • 3  Gone With The Win
  • 4  The Great Impression
  • 5  Rhymin While Drivin
  • 6  ONE-PEace @ a Time ( featuring Tajai)
  • 7  PEarls For Mama
  • 8  I-5 To The 99