Anime Oscen - Broken Chain

  Broken Chain is the debut album from Anime Oscen. It’s an eclectic mix of different styles, sounds and emotions. Some songs can be interpreted many different ways by the listener. And some with obvious messages of unity and mankind coming together to create a peaceful and loving World. A couple of tracks have a definite soft rock feeling. There is also some R&B as well as folk with a flavour of pop. For those who appreciate organic sounds and down-to-earth song writing this is one to watch! Anime’s music is a direct reflection of her compassionate outlook on life. And her drive to make things right. One Drum is very folk sounding and all about World peace and unity.

Not What You Think has more of a soft rock sound. This song is quite complex and could be interpreted by the listener in many ways. To sum it up for myself it’s the struggles of a life not chosen but endured.

Love Drunk is an eclectic and almost tropical sounding diddy. It’s simply about the first true experience with love.

The One has a definite rock/pop flare. This song is about knowing all the wrong ones and finally finding the right.

Conspiracy Theory has a definite R&B feeling. Too complex to explain briefly. In summary it’s about wanting to feel positive loving emotions but feeling others instead. Due to one’s surroundings and experiences.

Sink N’ Tired also has the R&B sound. All about the inability to sleep due to thinking about the state of society and such.

What PEople are saying about "Broken Chain"

PErfect Album 5 out of 5

By: Kate G

Anime Oscen delivers a PErfect album. She brings power, energy and spunk to each song. Her voice is clean distinct and unique. Once you put her album on, you will play it over and over again, as her voice captures your emotions, pulling you in, wanting more!! You MUST get this album. You will love it! Can’t wait for more!


  • 1  Left Right Center
  • 2  Conspiracy Theory
  • 3  Love Drunk
  • 4  One Drum
  • 5  Sick N Tired
  • 6  Not What You Think
  • 7  The One