Dirty North (SLAMjamz Records Catalog) - Conflict Resoulution

Dirty North is a dynamic mix of 2 emcees who hail from different parts of the US -- Quest Haven is from New York, Messenger Boy hails from the Atlanta outskirts of College Park, Georgia. This combination of hyper north-south-ism has created a blend guaranteed to stir the present masses. The forms of NYC street and southern crunk are met and mixed with other styles on their release "Conflict Resolution." DIRTY NORTH: CONFLICT RE'SOUL'UTION. Dirty North's CD is one of two new releases from Chuck D's label, SLAMjamz. Although this duo is linked to Chuck D, they are not rapping about the powers that be or the state of urban affairs like Chuck D and Public Enemy did back in the day. However, Dirty North has plenty to say about life struggles, family and friends, and they do it backed by R&B infused, up-tempo and mellow beats. To get a feel for Dirty North's vibe, check out "Stress," "Miss Lady," "Mama Warned Me" and "Father." � Sheila Rayam

The stellar combination of Quest, a masterful rapper out of Long Island, New York, and Messenger Boy, a lyrical mouth from the south- breeds the stylings of Dirty North. Residing in Atlanta, they were recording separately, in the ATLSTAX studios when the collaboration was first suggested. Produced by PINT, this dynamic rhyming duo have been setting it off since 2004. Recent tour opportunities, behind their fiery new release and an ever increasing fan base have brought Dirty North up into the radar of Hip Hop lovers everywhere.

Their album "Conflict Resolution" is in retail stores nationwide as has been well reviewed in several publications. Dirty North has appeared on an abundance of mixtapes as well as having performed abroad and within the United States to a growing base of fans. With new projects on the horizon, Dirty North is set to introduce an even broader range of sounds and evolutionary concepts from this dynamic duo. LISTEN TO ENTIRE TRACKS OF DIRTY NORTH ' Conflict ReSOULution' ALBUM and / or BUY HERE

Conflict Resolution is the classic debut album of Hip Hop duo Questhaven and Messenger best known together as Dirty North. The album combines both cultures of Northern East Coast Hip Hop via Strong Islander "Questhaven" partner with the Dirty South flavored ATLien (via Griffin, GA) Messenger. They deliver 13 legendary tracks from there survivals and struggles and masterfully translate them into hard hitting, heartfelt hip hop music.


1. Look Left, Look Right - Hard hitting club banger/intro from Dirty North. You've been warned.

2. Friendship to Enemies - The thin line of being a friend or foe is discussed and addressed in poetic hip hop fashion.

3. Trust - A soulful track breaking down the meaning of what it is to love and trust anyone.

4. Father - an eternal classic and message from the hearts of Dirty North addressing the meaning of Fatherhood and being a Man.

5. 67 Grand Prix - Speed Racer had his Mach 5, Michael Knight had K.I.T.T...even Chuck D had his 98 Oldsmobile...Messenger steps on the scene with his infamous 67 Grand Prix!

6. Hand in the air - Dirty North rocks the party and commands the crowd to put there "Hands in the air".

7. Change - Betrayal and Change starts happening with certain folks.

8.  Miss Lady - Dirty North delivers a Hip Hop course on talking to the ladies on this exotic track.

9.  Nahh - Classic Hip Hop  Anthem in which Dirty North lyrically and energetically crush competition over this Hellraiser of a Hip Hop Track.

10. Destiny Water - The story of the trials and tribulations of Ghetto Life.

11. Lord - Uptempo convo with the Most High through hip hop fashion.

12. Mama Warned Me - Dirty North breaks down the dangers of Hood Life.

13.  That's What's up - The relentless pursuit of survival and success by any means at the same time letting you know where they're from..

14.  Stress - The day to day life of "the struggle" and dealing with the "Stress" that comes with it.



  • 1  Look Left, Look Right
  • 2  Friendship to Enemies
  • 3  Trust
  • 4  Father
  • 5  67 Grand Prix
  • 6  Hand in the air
  • 7  Change
  • 8  Miss Lady
  • 9  Nahh
  • 10  Destiny Water
  • 11  Miss Lady -
  • 11  Lord
  • 12  Mama Warned Me
  • 13  That's What's up
  • 14  Stress