Chuck D aka Mistachuck - Confrontation Camp - Objects In The Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear


Confrontation Camp is a multi-cultural experience that is set to challenge racial stereotypes in rock. With minds set on cornering a sound that is a fusion of rock, soul and rap; icon Chuck D, Professor Griff, and soul stirrer Kyle Jason decided to put together a band that would bring this- hard. Approaching the contrasting styles with incredible thought provoking lyrics in a rap/song/shout form, the trio bring about an aggressive blend of metallic grooves laced with a combination of rap, poetry, and the rock/soul wrenching vocals of lead singer KYLE ICE JASON. Rage Against The Machine's absence left a hole that led the three to enter their Strong Island studios and fill the void. Assisted in the studio by Brian Hardgroove, drummer Wes Little, guitarist Brad Craig, Jaf Mahmud, DJ Lord (turntables) and Stian Lorentzen; the group pounded out performances at the 2000 Democratic and Republican conventions, laying aside any doubts about the power of this musical concept. CONFRONTATION CAMP is spawned from the love of hip hop, rock n roll and politics. Bringing veteran vocal power to the band, KYLE JASON proves to be the most provocatively skilled man for the job. Smoking tones flanked by Public Enemy's legendary poets and rhyme makers PROFESSOR GRIFF and CHUCK D. PROFESSOR GRIFF brings poetic prose to the metals, as well as an experienced and captivating stage presence. The collective style harkens back to the collaborations of Afrika Bambaataa and Johnny Rotten, Run-DMC and Aerosmith with their version of 'Walk This Way', and even to what PE and Anthrax did with 'Bring The Noise'.

The three key vocalists are backed by the CHAIN GANG, comprised of bassist BRIAN HARDGROOVE, guitarist JAFAR MAHMUD, and drummer WES LITTLE - all of whom have contributed to other bands in the New York/ Long Island rock scene. Another key component is turntablist DJ LORD who has spent the last year honing his chops by filling in for TERMINATOR X on several PE tours, and spinning as a popular rave DJ in the Atlanta area. This millennium music mix is evidenced on the band's first album on Artemis Records entitled 'OBJECTS IN THE MIRROR ARE CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR.' Forty intense minutes of eleven sonic assaults, the album features the straight metal riff banger 'JAILBREAK', which triggers a breakout from the cage of convention. On 'CARRY MY LOAD', the band highlights its love of metal, as well as the struggle versus the powers that be. 'U R US' is a call to stop the 'big me - little you' world of bodyguards and V.I.P. sections. 'WHEN THE SH*T HITS THE FANS' similarly addresses the protection of the fans using fact or fiction, with conviction in the words/lyrics of PROFESSOR GRIFF on a hard hittin beat-groove. The riveting ballad, 'JASPER', is culled from the true tale of the dragging murder of a black man named James Byrd in Texas that only this band could tell so well.

Tracks like 'SUPEREGOMAN' and 'GRUDGE' wreak havoc on corporate white male dominance on modern society and the funk soul drenched 'BABIES MAKING BABIES KILLIN BABIES' is almost self- explanatory, with a Sly Stone-esque vocal hook. Cuts like 'CHE', 'AGAINST THE ELEMENTS', and the first single 'BREAK THE LAW', musically set off a new sonic template, thematically aiming for real truth and justice while exposing hypocrisy galore. In their words, in 'AMERIKKKA' the law sometimes becomes one-sided and sometimes stopping the law for re-evaluation is a life saving idea. In July 1999 at the Digital Club Festival in New York City, CONFRONTATION CAMP played Tramps and received rave reviews in the New York Times. New projects see them embarking with an independent recording adventure that will open new ideas in music, and new ways to expose it. Confrontation Camp Rolling Stone Interview 2000


What PEople are saying about "Confrontation Camp - Objects In The Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear"

4.0 out of 5 stars-Not what you expect!

By John Lepp on June 18, 2001

"Mistachuck (you know who I'm talking about) isn't the lead rapper of this group, Kyle Jason is. The disc is not "It takes a nation of Millions"II. That said and done, the disc does rock. "Break the Law" and "Jaspa" are classic. The rest is pretty good." .

5.0 out of 5 stars-"Your're wrong, Rage is good"

By Jared Pitt on May 2, 2004

"I just wanted to write this review because of the blow to other rap/rock groups. Dude, Rage Against the Machine were the orginals. Not only do they do it well, mixing rap, funk, rock, and a little bit of underground hardcore sound, they speak out against racism, conformity, and a corupt and unjust goverment. So how could you be dissin them when you like Public Enemy so much? You should really try them out again, because unlike limp bizkit and korn, they actually have talent. They also don't sound like every other rap/rock group out there, uh because they are UNIQUE Peace"


5.0 out of 5 stars-Originators still show how to do it...

By: Amazon Customeron October 4, 2000

"Even if Chuck D and Professor Griff burped into a mic with guitar backing; it would still be better than the hordes of rip-off acts such as Limp Bizkit, Korn, Rage Against the Machine et al that have come along since Public Enemy teamed up with Anthrax for "Bring The Noize." It's great to hear their new stuff and hear them take it back to the streets of the city instead of the white-bread suburbs which dominates the airwaves."


  • 1  In
  • 2  Jailbreak
  • 3  Brake the Law
  • 4  Carry My Load
  • 5  Jasper
  • 6  Che
  • 7  Against the Elements
  • 8  When the Shit Hits the Fans
  • 9  Babies Makin' Babies Killin' Babies
  • 10  Grudge
  • 11  U R Us
  • 12  Out
  • 13  Super