Sammy Sam - Crazy Boss Asians

Sammy Sam mixed in verities of genres of music based with Hip hop. This album ranges from stating Sammy Sam’s point of view of political issues to love songs, party songs, and a bio. This album also has feat. from the legendary Chuck D of Public Enemy and Prophets of rage. Also, an upcoming artist jazz,soul,hip hop, R&B in one singer Fuzzzy. You can get a complete taste of Sammy Sam’s music journey on this album.

Mirror Mirror 
Wrote this song as I was looking into myself in the mirror. looking back at my life and present and future. Its a testimony and a promise to myself looking at myself in the mirror.

One More time
This song was feat. by an incredible artist Fuzzzy. A song that every girl wishes get seduced by a successful man. 

Jang Dok De ( contained soul)
A song that tells facts and emotions  of my ancestors of my native country Korea went through during the period of Japanese invasion and Korean war. Korea holds a history of being a slave to another country cause of war and country cut in half because of a political war.

One good song
Feat. by Fuzzzy, cool,relaxed song that can make you feel good.  Wrote about simple life appreciation and blessings.

Sampled from a record that I composed for DJ Lord. (Eat the Rat)
Feat. By our leader and a legend Chuck D.
I wrote this song stating about how much the government system and war has effected and defected our children. How media has presented this world like a nice present to manipulate this generation by covering up the facts around the world.

Get Loud Tonight
Wrote and feat. By Chuck D . This song brings out not Just Sammy Sam but Sammy Vegas in me. A Party animal that I am, I want everyone to get out of there complicated life for once and get loose and party with this song.

PE(Public Enemy) tribute
I am tributing to this song to my group that has embraced me and taught me to be a performer, musician, an adult, raising me to be who I am now.  Public Enemy. A full story about how I joined the group and my experience.


  • 1  Mirror Mirror
  • 2  Tears featuring Chuck D
  • 3  K I M ( Keep It Movin )
  • 4  One More Time featuring Fuzzzy
  • 5  One Good Song featuring Fuzzzy
  • 6  Jang Dok De ( Contained Soul )
  • 7  Get Loud Tonight featuring Chuck D
  • 8  Champion featuring YDG ( Yang Dong Guen )
  • 9  Flex On Em '
  • 10  PE ( Public Enemy ) Tribute featuring Chuck D and Flavor Flav