Kris Payne - Dont Need Ya Money

Don’t Need Ya Money:
Artist - Kris Payne
Label - Spit Slam Records

Don’t need your money is a statement in which Is used to provoke the thought and ambition of Artist who know the struggle of the music business creatively & financially. Even some of the biggest pioneers in music history can tell you they have seen many changes come and go within this beloved industry.

This Kris Payne album is inspired by Rapper Emcee Legend “Nas” and his debut album“illmatic” upholding the proper format to putting out a simplistic LP. Executive produced by Public Enemy’s Own number one Chuck D, assisted by MC Jahi of spit slam records, Engineered by Earl holder in 1906 entertainment.... “Don’t Need Ya Money” Is a breath of fresh air and reminiscent Of the golden age of hip-hop.

Not to mention that’s The only feature is Legend “Chuck D”, but this is also Payne’s first studio recorded album with 10 songs that explain perspective, punch lines, reality, & truth. Organic production from some of the best underground producers on the planet in addition we represented the culture with a Big message in a small package. Here is “Don’t Need Ya Money” !! Here We Go...

Don’t Need Ya Money Album Line Up:

Bring The Payne (Produced by “DJ Storm”) Action, soundtrack, video game, was how i felt about this song upon creation; until the samples of method man reminded me of how i should bring the pain.

Promises (Produced by “DJ Journey”) ironic this is a record i always wanted to do with Legend “Chuck D” and it came into fusion when DJ Journey lectured me on PE history. Then it came time to represent the culture under authority of NBA player Lebron James. The i promise academy where we filmed the video and touching down in Akron was surreal.

Ring The Payne (Prod by “Chuck D/ DOC) Mimicking The Worldwide ring tone of “iPhone” this record was done to solidly show the lyrical writing format and display of creativity amongst the digital world. Records like this can branch off and become more than memorabilia so therefore “Hear My Dial Tone”.

3 6 5 (Produced By - J Mac) “you’ll be hot one day” my uncle used to tell me all the time. He would say “when it’s your turn, he said you gon be hot year round 365 Monday to Sunday” so it stuck with me and i kept that motivation and with the sounds of J-Mac it came to life.

Fresh Air (Prod by Glen Polisix King/ BRobbins) this record came from the dungeon, came from Conversation with a friend of mines, Barry Robbins from Strong Island HipHop, he said the game needed a breath of fresh air, and with him being a DJ we searched for a familiar breeze.

KOMMISSION (Produced by Lorre Errol Brown) Every artist or entertainer or actor/actress, any corporate setting has a team. Teams are needed and are great for building within your own world. Which is why the Kommission, the street team, inspired by The late Great Notorious BiG’s Crew, this team is a team full of bosses and stability. We Knock Out Missions. @_Kommission (IG)

No Jive (Produced by DJ King Flow) No Jive meaning I’m not to be taken as a joke or the joke will be on you is the message here. So come vibe get live I’m no Jive he alive and i don’t need chains like Amastad. Salute to DJ King Flow loyal to the cause of musical change.

Joe Payne (Produced By “Glen Polisix King”) this record is more of a favorable record and for sentimental reasons of it being dedicated to Payne’s Grandfather “Joe Payne”. The essence of James brown was the likeness of this man and with him also being a father figure to Kris, this record is surely dedicated to this cause.

Chill Like That (Prod By Damon Mapp Tracks) my experiences in SXSW in Texas a few years ago brought me around some true musical geniuses. Including DJ Mapp Tracks, who Produced this finely tuned baseline track for Kris Payne to flex on why he’s the smoothest, since sliced bread. Here is “Chill Like That”!!

It’ll Be Ok (Produced by Damon Mapp Tracks) it’ll be ok is one of the best written records by Payne to describe the times we are living in as a people. Mapp Tracks finds the correct tempo for this message and this is the perfect way to end an album provoking thought and insurance of a spiritual cleansing by readjusting how we live


  • 1  Bring the Payne
  • 2  Promises featuring Chuck D
  • 3  Ring the Payne
  • 4  3 6 5
  • 5  Fresh Air
  • 6  Kommission
  • 7  No Jive
  • 8  Joe Payne
  • 9  Chill Like That
  • 10  It'll Be Okay