Chuck D aka Mistachuck - Dont Rhyme For The Sake Of Riddlin

I want all to know i don't release solo albums for solo sake.

I release solo projects and collaborations while still being part of PUBLIC ENEMY , as I always said you cannot leave something that's part of you.

Within this solo project; is a collection of some new and some old song written and recorded. Some lesser known songs heard from 2 other projects CONFRONTATION CAMP & FINE ARTS MILITIA , which collaborators like Brian HARDGROOVE, Kyle Jason , Professor GRIFF, Johnny JUICE created from floor up. SLAMjamz artists like HEET MOB , JAHI, are also there along with the single directly delivered by DIVIDED SOULS out of the south clearly addressing the border idiocy between the US and MEXICO.

These collected songs from my independent pen are corralled and combined to create this MISTACHUCK; Don't Rhyme For The Sake Of Riddlin Project. As I feel one at a time recording is reflective of what appetite is out there in the industry. It has been a singles marketplace for 10 years largely because of the internet. I'm down with that one at a time thought process as I am with the creation of conceptual albums, knowing that there 2 different breeds.

There are five new joints on this record, but then again if you a'int heard em yet then they're all new. DJ Spooky has smoked a torrid remix of ARIZONA at the end with Johnny JUICE also making a remix of TEAR DOWN THAT WALL

MISTACHUCK DONT RHYME FOR THE SAKE OF RIDDLIN Collected Independent Songs From the Mind, Pen, and Voice of Chuck D SJD1025L

Album Review: Chuck D's Appreciation of History Posted on January 21, 2011 by Don't Rush the Stage

Remember those days when rap albums not only highlighted the MC but took the time to allow the DJ to shine? If you don't, you don't have to go digging in the crates to regain those great memories; all you have to do is pick up Chuck D's album Don't Rhyme for the Sake of Riddlin. From the first track to the last, we are blessed by the DJ stylings of DJ Johnny Juice. His use of all genres of music from Rock to Soul is incredible. Juice's talents are especially highlighted on track 6, 'Johnny Juice, He Takes Wack Records to the Range and Blows Them Away With His Rifles,' where you get the feeling you've just walked into a studio and are lucky enough to watch a one man DJing jam session. Unfortunately commercial rap albums do not highlight this art enough and it is great to see that this album really brings it back.

Even though this album is a mix of some new solo stuff and songs from other projects, the great thing about Chuck D and his crew are they know how to make a complete record and continue to show appreciation of those who broke through and opened the current road they're riding on.

Kyle Jason joins Chuck D on 'What's My Name', a track that is the theme for the ESPN documentary Ali Rap.The song is a lesson of sorts about the greatness of Muhammad Ali. Chuck uses the song to explain that Muhammad Ali not only changed the game of boxing but also inspired an entire race of people.

On the very next track, 'Make It Funky', also featuring Kyle Jason, Chuck rhymes over the track in a way that lets the music and samples played underneath him speak for the entire song. The track is a homage to the late James Brown. These two tracks are the most important songs on this entire album because they provide fans of Chuck D an insight into why Chuck became an artist in the first place. Both Muhammad Ali and James Brown had and continue to have the utmost effect on Chuck D and his music career.

This album should be a jumping off point for old and young fans alike to do research. Take time to learn music and world history. Whether you're confused about the difference between Rap and Hip-Hop, (Chuck explains the difference on 'HipHop vs. Rap,') or you want to learn about the history of Haiti and what caused this country to be so impoverished (Check out 'This Bit of Earth'), pick up this album and then go to your local library.

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  • 1  Tear Down That Wall
  • 2  I Hate Hate Feat. Kyle Jason and Professor Griff
  • 3  Hip Hop Vs Rap Feat. F.A.M.
  • 4  This Bit of Earth Feat. Kyle Jason and Johnny Juice
  • 5  Run From The Trouble (MistaChuck Mixx)
  • 6  Johnny Juice, He Takes Wack Records to the Range and Blows Them Away With His Rifles
  • 7  Super Ego Man
  • 8  I Rap Black Feat. Heet Mob and Jahi
  • 9  What's My Name (Ali Rap Theme) Feat. Kyle Jason
  • 10  Make It Funky Feat. Kyle Jason
  • 11  Tear Down That Wall (Johnny Juice Aztlan Border Patrol Mix)
  • 12  The Spook Who Sat By Arizona (DJ Spooky Hip Hop Mix)