Professor Daddy O - #EverybodyButKRS

22 years after the professor last took you to school, he's back to teach hiphop a lesson once again. With tracks like "Psychedelic Sally" and "I Heard A Hustla Say", Professor Daddy-O takes you from the dance move to the gangsta groove, leaving you breathless and wanting more.

True School Entertainment and Odad Truth Records proudly presents, HASHTAG "#EverybodyButKRS", the new album from Professor Daddy-O of Stetsasonic. Available now for digital download at, and iTunes, or order your physical copy at


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Stetsasonic’s Daddy-O on #EverybodyButKRS

BY: The Audman 

"After more than a decade since the release of his last solo album, the legendary Daddy-O of the hip hop band Stetsasonic offers up his brand new solo effort #EverybodyButKRS. The album title pays direct homage to the lyrical skills of another legend in the hip hop game, KRS-ONE while directly challenging his peers at the same time to step up their game and take back hip hop because as it stands, no one can even come close to challenging Daddy-O’s lyricism…with the exception of one person. As Daddy-O said in an interview with Down With The Kings, “The only guy I could give the ultimate props to is KRS – he’s the only guy to me untouchable in hip hop. He’s the only hip hop untouchable so I said well, everybody else is fair game.” The album is a collection of edgy hard hitting beats with a bevy of truthful and clever rhymes. When asked what KRS-ONE thought of the show of respect Daddy-O said,”He’s going to be surprised, He doesn’t even know that I have that much respect for him. He knows I love him but he doesn’t know that I have that much respect for him.”


  • 1  Hail Mary (bonus track Featuring. Rich Nice)
  • 2  Psychedelic Sally
  • 3  Shortstop ( featuring The Honorable Elijah Muhammad )
  • 4  MCee
  • 5  Crackin
  • 6  Nephew
  • 7  Who Da Cap Fits
  • 8  Team Hideaway
  • 9  I Heard A Hustla Say...
  • 10  Ceelo
  • 11  Graffiti