Most Hi Fi (SLAMjamz) - Everything's Gonna Be Alright

Most Hi-Fi has indeed a explosive debut on todays music scene. Everything's Gonna Be Alright is described as revolutionary, hard hitting, thought provoking, uplifting,
and innovative. It contains elements such as lyrical realism, live instrumentation, turntablism, classic hip hop, funk, beats, and organic
soul. The stories on the album happened to be
a walk through of the MOST Hi-Fi's lives. Rappers Mecca , Vel and DJ Frost have caused serious stir amongst the underground Atlanta scene throughout the past
couple of years. Put that with a diverse backing band and you possibly have raps version of the Family Stone.

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  • 1  Intro
  • 2  No Hook
  • 3  Be Alright
  • 4  Let It Be
  • 5  Wild Out
  • 6  Pimper or Preach
  • 7  Badge Over Troubled Brothers
  • 8  Rhymin' Insane on a Midnight Plane to Georgia
  • 9  Get Hi
  • 10  Paperchase
  • 11  Long Way To Go
  • 12  The M.O.S. Teez
  • 13  Here We Go Now!