Public Enemy - Fear of a Black Planet

PE's third album is dense, heavy, and urgent as a bullet. Fear of a Black Planet single-handedly added half a dozen phrases to the language, and not just from Chuck D.'s troop-rallying bellow--Flavor Flav's "911 Is a Joke" is as catchy an indictment of urban policy as anyone has ever come up with. The Bomb Squad's music is complicated, challenging, terse, and totally funky, and Chuck matches it with one impassioned pronouncement after another: on Hollywood's racism, on miscegenation, on "real history / Not his story." The album ends with "Fight the Power," the group's ultimate statement of purpose, from its pounding, atonal sound collage to its furious politics. Put Black Planet on, and it's always a long, hot summer. --Douglas Wolk


  • 1  Contract on the World Love Jam
  • 2  Brothers Gonna Work It Out
  • 3  911 Is a Joke
  • 4  Incident at 66.6 FM
  • 5  Welcome to the Terrordome
  • 6  Meet the G That Killed Me
  • 7  Pollywanacraka
  • 8  Anti-Nigger Machine
  • 9  Burn Hollywood Burn
  • 10  Power to the People
  • 11  Who Stole The Soul
  • 12  Fear of a Black Planet
  • 13  Revolutionary Generation
  • 14  Can't Do Nuttin' for Ya Man
  • 15  Reggie Jax
  • 16  Leave This off Your Fu*kin Charts
  • 17  B Side Wins Again
  • 18  War at 33 1/3
  • 19  Final Count of the Collison Between Us and the Damned
  • 20  Fight the Power