Chuck D aka Mistachuck - FINE ARTS MILITIA - We Are Gathered Here

What PEople are saying about "FINE ARTS MILITIA - We Are Gathered Here"

If hip-hop seems to bother you nowadays because it lacks lyrical content, then you need to consider this as a definite alternative. Unlike the usual P.E. or mistachuck style, this venture though unleashes the sounds borderlining metal, but staying strickly funk. It seems to suit Chucks powerful voice though, and really gives him a platform to unleash some views...and wisdom about Race, Rap, Reality & Technology. This is definitely for the time-capsule...This is his lecture series.

Not PE, but that's okay, January 3, 2005 By Brian M. Patterson (Milwaukee, WI United States) I've been a long-time Public Enemy fan, and I was pleasantly surprised when I picked this CD up. It's more spoken-word than rap, but both the beats and the message are amazing! Chuck D never sounded so good.

Excellent if you like Chuck D, April 5, 2003 By Donald Parish (Kearney, NE USA) Only listened to the first song so far, but so far, so good. Excellent lyrics/spoken word with musical background.... If you like his solo album as Mistachuck, you should like this.

FINE ARTS MILITIA is fronted by the indomitable Chuck D (as Mistachuck) and bassist / vocalist Hardgroove. Together with their four-piece band, FAM blasts through an incredible mixture of muscle funk and metallic rock that has yet to be attempted by any act to date.

This album delivers the searing sociopolitical commentary the world expects from Mistachuck; including "A Twisted Sense of God" which is a hard hitting guitar driven track about the tragic events of Sept. 11th.

"WE ARE GATHERED HERE..." was masterfully produced by Hardgroove & Clarke, calling on their past work with Steven Tyler & Joe Perry, Missy Elliott, Marc Anthony, David Byrne, Timbaland, Slash and Herbie Hancock to create an experience that is incredibly powerful and unique. We're confident that you will find this album important, refreshing AND accessible.


  • 1  A Twisted Sense Of God Pt. 1
  • 2  Rap, Race Reality Now Technology
  • 3  Rebel Vs Thug
  • 4  Diggin Digital Ditches
  • 5  Intelligence Vs Nonsense
  • 6  The Drug Game
  • 7  A Twisted Sense Of God Pt. 2
  • 8  Hip Hop Vs Rap
  • 9  Community Vs Plantation
  • 10  Leave With Your Own Mind