Heet Mob (SLAMjamz Records Catalog) - Found Missin

The Complete Story of the HEET Mobs FOUND MISSIN Album

The title simply explains the 24 track album 'Found Missin', What you've been missing has been found, as legendary hip hop icon Chuck D states in the pre-riot sounding intro as he puts his stamp on his Kansas City based hip hop group HEET MOB, ready for war! The album starts off with what Heet Mob is known for and that's gunning skillful rhymes over funky rhythms as members of this 13 man crew set it off on 'Introduction' boasting skills in a lay up line format warming you up for 'Unchained Neves' were Bro. Neves and R.A.M drop jewels on an intense, dreamy drum driven track that highly sets the tone for the whole album!

After 'Koncentration camp' another lyrical stranglehold on Emcees, with a bass driven intense track, the album starts to flow through a wide variety of conscious topics and melodic sounds ranging from 'Every 40 Minutes' a right hook to the ribs of Radio, 'Rollin or not' a K.C. street mentality, picture a movie scene 'Hylanda' track, bouncing lyrics off each other from different perspectives. And the 'the siccness' which sends out an attack on America and it's crimes, over a bold, horn track that sounds like the war has started to get ugly! 'Infected' sets another lyrical scene as crew members Bro. Neves, Mic Brass and J-Lee attack the mic, cipher style as Tom Gat grabs your attention on the hook claiming heet mob to be the sickest mic fiends in the industry! The album continues to flow through it's more soulful journey as Blaq croons on hooks like 'Relax and unwind', 'Industree' and 'Unclean' also dropping a interlude of a solo song called 'Work it out' were he let's you know he's not just a hook singer, displaying vocal talent over a soulful r&b groove! 'Sumpin else 4ya' another soulful standout featuring Douglass(Blaq's older brother) shows a supreme vocal talent mixed with the melodic sounds of a classic 'Daheeteus' bassline powered track.

The funk doesn't stop there! The vets of the crew tell you a lil something about life's pathways with 'Struggles and Pain', 'Dis iz for' is a smooth and tranquil B-boy PSA, and the live musical talents and haunting organ make the gritty 'Modern day runaway slave' a great standout track! The first single 'HOWIMETyoMUTHA' where the crew drops visual lyrics reflecting on their love for hip hop over a funky guitar driven 'AJ' track, and strong hook vocals by 'Natural Mic' that sum up the whole foundation and feeling that the Heet Mob has for the musical art form and Hip Hop!


The Heet Mob crew is Daheeteus, J. Lee, Bro. Neves, Mic Brass, Tom Gat, D.J. Hylanda, Bro. Divine, Lester Brown, R.A.M., Blaq, Big Jack, Huey P Nuisance and Natural Mic, With incredible production by Daheeteus, D.J. Hylanda, Mic Brass and Cali producer AJ, 'Found Missin' is truly a Hip Hop musical journey of its own!


1. CHUCK D INTRO-Vocals by Chuck D.

2. INTRODUCTION- Written by- T. Perkins, J. Saffold, J. Love, M. Charity, V.Hunt

3. UNCHAINED NEVES- Written by- T. Perkins, J. Love, M. Charity, J. Garrett-

4. KONCENTRATION CAMP- Written by- J. Saffold, M. Charity, T. Perkins, J. Lee, V. Hunt.

5. EVERY 40 MINUTES- Written by- V. Hunt, J. Love, T. Perkins, J. Saffold.

6. NAUGHTY BY NATURE DROP-courtesy of Naughty by Nature

7. ROLLIN OR NOT- Written by- T. Perkins, J. Saffold, M. Charity, J. Love, D. Walker, J. Garrett.

8. THE SICCNESS- Written by- T. Perkins, A. Oliver, D. McDonald, M. Charity, V. Hunt

9. INFECTED- Written by- T. Perkins, M. Charity, J. Lee, J. Garrett, T. Herriford.

10. LADY OF RAGE/DEVIN THE DUDE DROP-courtesy of the lady of Rage and Devin the Dude

11. RELAX AND UNWIND- Written by- J. Saffold, M. Charity, D. walker, J. Garrett.

12. SUMPIN ELSE 4 YA- Written by- A. Oliver, T. Perkins, Douglass Walker, V. Hunt, J. Garrett.

13. CHRISETTE MICHELE/BILAL DROP-courtesy of Chrisette Michele and Bilal

14. WORK IT OUT INTERLUDE- J. Garrett, D. Walker, V. Hunt.

15. STRUGGLES AND PAIN- Written by- T. Perkins, V. Hunt, J. Lee.

16. SHOCK G/HUMPTY HUMP DROP-courtesy of Shock G and Humpty Hump

17. DIS IZ FOR- Written by- J. Garrett, J. Lee, T. Perkins, AJ.

18. TOM GAT ON AND ON- Written by- T. Herriford, V. Hunt.

19. INDUSTREE- Written by- J. Saffold, J. Garrett, J. Lee

20. UNCLEAN- J. Saffold, M. Charity, J. Garrett, S. Jackson, A. Oliver, J. Lee, D. Walker.

21. METH AND RED DROP-courtesy of Method Man and Redman

22. MODERN DAY RUNAWAY SLAVE- V. Hunt, J. Saffold, J. Garrett, S. Brown.
MUSICIANS-Sterling Brown, Patrick O'Connor

23. HOWIMETyoMUTHA- T. Perkins, J. Lee, J. Saffold, S. Brown, AJ.

24. FOUND MISSIN OUTRO- Written by- D. McDonald, J. Garrett.

Tracks-1,2,4,5,8,10,12,13,14,15,18- Produced by Daheeteus for Black Funkula productions and Heet Mob Musical services 2010

Tracks-,7,9,11,16,19,21,22,24- Produced by D.J. Hylanda for Heet Mob Musical services 2010

Tracks-3,6,20- Produced by Mic Brass, D.J. Hylanda for Heet Mob Musical services 2010

Tracks-17,23- Produced by AJ for AJ 2010.

PUBLISHERS: Bluto Muzik/Heet Mob Records L.L.C (ASCAP) 2010. Victor Hunt(BMI), John Lee(BMI), Taha Perkins(BMI), Douglass Walker(BMI), Stephen Jackson(ASCAP)

Recorded, Mixed and Arranged at Heet Mob Records Studio, Kansas City, MO. By – D.J. Hylanda and Daheeteus for Heet Mob Musical services 2010.

Scratching-D.J. Hylanda

Mastered by Earle Holder, HDQTRZ Digital Mastering Studios. Atlanta, GA.

Executive Producer- Heet Mob Records L.L.C., Slamjamz Records and Chuck D.

Heet Mob is- Daheeteus, J. Lee, Bro. Neves, Mic Brass, Tom Gat, D.J. Hylanda, Bro. Divine, Lester Brown, R.A.M., Blaq, Big Jack, Huey P Nuisance, Natural Mic.






  • 1  Chuck D Intro
  • 2  Introduction
  • 3  Unchained Neves
  • 4  Koncentration Camp
  • 5  Every 40 Minutes
  • 6  Naughty By Nature Drop
  • 7  Rollin Or Not
  • 8  The Siccness
  • 9  Infected
  • 10  Lady Of Rage / Devin The Dude Drop
  • 11  Relax and Unwind
  • 12  Sumpin Else 4 Ya
  • 13  Chrisette Michele / Bilal Drop
  • 14  Work It Out Interlude
  • 15  Struggles And Pain
  • 16  Shock G / Humpty Hump Drop
  • 17  Dis Iz For
  • 18  Tom Gat On And On
  • 19  Industree
  • 20  Unclean
  • 21  Meth and Red Drop
  • 22  Modern Day Runaway Slave
  • 23  HowIMETyoMUTHA
  • 24  Found Missin Outro