Chuck D aka Mistachuck - If I Cant Change The People Around Me I Change The People Around Me

"...reminiscent of another time and another state of mind..." One could say that the seed was planted for his debut solo album when The Pride by Chuck D appeared on the Pump Ya Fist compilation in 1995. A year later, on October 22, The Autobiography Of Mistachuck was finally released and while soul music could always be found on Public Enemy tracks, this project brought it to the forefront.

Fast forward 20 years and his debut record is revisited on If I Can't Change The People Around Me I Change The People Around Me. Rare remixes of No, Generation WreKKKed and Free Big Willie all shine brightly and the original version of The Pride is included here as well. A major highlight, originally intended to appear on his debut, is the scathing House Of Scam which puts Def Jam clearly in the crosshairs with the rhyme animal going off in top form. C-Doc & Marcus J from The Impossebulls and Jahi from PE 2.0 also join forces with Chuck on the newly recorded political megablast, Bernie Got Berned, addressing the madness of the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

The album flows perfectly with the addition of unreleased interludes, such as the brilliant Microphone Moses, where the hard rhymer comes out swinging: "As I strike back upon this business, with structure and a vengeance..." Destined to forever bring the noise, world class rhymes with substance and ferocious soul can be found in abundance here. No question.

Baird “Flatline” Warnick,


  • 1  Tomorrow Is The ?
  • 2  Bernie Got Berned
  • 3  House Of Scam
  • 4  Free Big Willie ( Part 2 )
  • 5  Microphone Moses
  • 6  Generation Wrekkked ( Jack X Mixx )
  • 7  Mr Journiggalist
  • 8  No ( The Virus Remake )
  • 9  Hydraulic Funkaholics
  • 10  The Pride ( Original Version Brother Mike Williams )
  • 11  Furor Furman
  • 12  Generation Wrekkked ( Danny Saber Rock Remix )
  • 13  Free Big Willie ( Part 3 Art Of Rap Motown Mixx )