Jahi as PE2.0 - insPirEd

insPirEd- I woke up one morning checking the news and saw Black people not allowing tyranny to run their lives and I was insPirEd. BLK THESIS- Divided Souls dropped some boombap on me and I spoke from the heart, and got the boombap master on it, KRS-One. Survival- The first single. It was the baseline that opened lyrics from the mind. Lots of messages in this one. BLKLVMTTRS- The L is for Love. Black Lives Matter but Black Love is even more important. Roll Call- Funky beats and salutes to the greats.


CRWDRCKRS- Easy Mo Bee is a legend. When I heard this track I thought it felt like the essence of Hip Hop. Beats & Rhymes- With stage shows looking like hollywood movie sets, I wanted to break it down about what matters at the end of the day on the mic Louder Than.... I cover PE every album and this is one of my favorite covers because it still speaks to the times. RIP JMJ Return of that Bambaataa- Saluting my hero Africa Bambaataa while he is alive. BLKTLK- Nina Simone speaks for me.


  • 1  insPirEd
  • 2  BLKTHSS featuring KRS-ONE
  • 3  Survival
  • 5  Beats & Rhymes
  • 6  Roll Call
  • 7  CRWDRCKRS featuring KRS-ONE
  • 8  Louder Than A Bomb
  • 9  Bambaataa
  • 10  BLKTLK