Various Artists - KOMBIT pou HAITI

To show and step up as both a symbol of how quickly a label works in this digital century as well as contributing the gift of music to help those in need, SLAMjamz has helped in creating an album to help those in need of relief from the earthquake in HAITI. The earthquake has devastated the nation. In response a multi track album has been assembled and produced by DJ Johnny JUICE Rosado including Chuck D, KYLE JASON, PROFESSOR GRIFF featuring The 7th OCTAVE , HEET MOB, Dominican roots group PA'LO MONTE , LOWdown, Studdahman connect DONIQUE and the representative blazing 'Knockin' on the Lord's Back Door' by Haitian MCS , HI COUP.

' I think that in this age of technology and communication we can come together with better urgency to address emergency. Since many cannot be there to physically help, the gift of music can connect something we can give for fundraising efforts. There are many organizations reaching out to the call, and it takes that and many more.

Nine tracks are included in the KOMBIT pou HAITI album . Many of the labels artists turned this around in a 24 hour period for itunes release next week. 100% of funds raised goes to the relief operation

Lambi Fund of HAITI PO BOX 18955, Washington DC 20036 202 833-3713

. All artwork and mastering are also donated by SLAMjamz Graphic artist KELVIN FONVILLE, and mastered by EARLE HOLDER of HDQRTZ. Liner notes by Dr. Gaye Theresa Johnson
Professor of Black Chicana Studies and History
UC Santa Barbara

Kombit Pou Haiti

by Chuck D and the Slamjamz Relief Project

CHUCK D and the SLAMJAMZ Relief Project for HAITI

First of all I thank God for the opportunity to create some art that may make a difference in difficult times. I like everybody was shaken when I heard of the massive earthquake in HAITI. Being from New York I've known many Haitians for years , and immediately I knew the devastation was gonna be brutal. 1. The size of the quake, 2. the conditions of the people compacted in Port Au Prince and 3. its buildings of concrete without code nor warning.

Doing something proactive immediately came to mind. I'd known Wyclef Jean was on top of things from a super Artist standpoint. This was his area, his people he worked tirelessly forever. That was confidence , because all I had to do as an artist was to follow that lead. The lead led me into reaching into my surrounding camp of stellar artists, songwriters and producers.

I set up in 2000 to be able to answer the call quickly. It was 10 years before this system worked to spec. I was in California and I put the call to DJ JOHNNY JUICE ROSADO and KYLE JASON. I had last done this with JUICE and KYLE upon the passing of the great JAMES BROWN. We recorded all the labels artists over covers of JB classics. Somebody had to say something and we did.

JUICE reached out to everybody on a Thursday with a deadline of the following Tuesday. Over the weekend 9 songs were completed. KYLE JASON is included on 3 songs. 'FIND MY WAY HOME' is his third person walk through the valley of death into heaven, trying to find his way home. His vocals on the choruses of HI COUPs blazing 'KNOCKIN ON THE LORDS BACK DOOR' and our 'THIS BIT OF EARTH ' say the similar thing about the historical disintegration of a culture, territory and people. Ignored and exploited by the western world, vindictive of its liberation into 19th century independence I and HI COUP see the same thing through 2 generations of racial glass.

Other songs are PROFESSOR GRIFFs 7TH OCTAVE ghetto metal heavy mental band with 'WHY Y'ALL WANNA KILL GOD' . The HEET MOB from Kansas City represent with HELP IS ON THE WAY, and LOWdown again proves that saying something and standing up prove to go a long way in a new world odor. Welcomed are great song by DONTIQUE which his Haitian relation gives the vision of 'FAITH 'via our super A&R Sean Studdahman Devore.

New contributions to the SLAMjamz camp are the return of SON OF BAZERK AND THE NO SELF CONTROL BAND doingraise up, and 'CANDELA' Dominican indigenous group PA'LO MONTE. These artists are acts as well and very quick and efficient , to answer the call. The SLAMjamz Relief Project
may be a small part , but it shows that art can move fast as the urgency to connect itself to the communication of help and need.

Chuck D

Co Founder Of Public Enemy

The terrible damage that has characterized the history of Haiti's relationship to, principally, the U.S., France, and Spain has finally been thrown into sharp relief, only to be overshadowed by the stupefying audacity with which multinational corporations have evaded accountability for their role in Haiti's current crisis. It is a legacy that incites us; but it is also what reminds us, as Malcolm X iterated, that 'The only way we'll get freedom for ourselves is to [remember that we are] blood brothers to the people of Brazil, Venezuela, Haiti and Cuba.'

So while it is the oppression that angers us, it is the enduring tradition of resistance that inspires us. Cuban revolutionaries once warned the U.S. that in the event of an invasion, "even the chickens will fight." With the tribute album "Kombit Pou Haiti 2010," legendary hip hop artist, producer, author, and radio jock Chuck D shows us once again that art, too, fights mightily in defense of freedom and social justice.
The album will be available next week on I-Tunes, and all proceeds will be donate towards Haitian relief.

Dr. Gaye Theresa Johnson

Professor of Black Chicana Studies and History

UC Santa Barbara

CHUCK D Presents KOMBIT pou HAITI with The SLAMjamz Relief PROJECT

Produced, Arranged by DJ Johnny Juice Rosado

Executive Produced / Chuck D

Arrangement Vocals / Kyle Jason

Artwork/ Kelvin Fonville

Mastering / Earle Holder

Sean Studdahman Devore / Aggragation

Release Date:
Primary Genre:
Hip Hop/Rap
Secondary Genre:
Song Order & Name

1 This Bit of Earth By MISTACHUCK featuring KYLE JASON and DJ JOHNNY JUICE ROSADO... USTCC1084893

2 Help Is On The Way By HEET MOB... USTCC1084895

3 Knockin' On The Lord's..HI COUP . USTCC1084896

4 Find My Way Home By KYLE JASON... USTCC1084898

5 Faith By DONTIQUE USTCC1084899

6 La Misere By LOWDOWN USTCC1084900

7 Why Y'all Wanna Kill GOD? By THE 7TH OCTAVE... USTCC1084901


9 Candela By PA'LO MONTE USTCC1084903

1. This Bit of Earth

(J. Rosado, C. Ridenhour, K. Jason)

Performed by Mistachuck featuring Kyle Jason

Produced, Arranged, Recorded, and Mixed by DJ Johnny Juice at the Terrordome - Strong Island, NY

Scratches by DJ Johnny Juice

Featuring Kyle Jason

Background Vocals by Veda Byrd

Writers: John Rosado - Juice On The Loose Publishing (BMI)

Carlton Ridenhour - Terrordome Music Publishing (BMI)

Kyle Jason Smith - Afro Wop Music (BMI)

2. Help Is On The Way

Performed by The HEET Mob

Produced by-Victor "Daheeteus" Hunt for Black Funkula Prod./Heet Mob Records L.L.C, 2010.

Recorded, Engineered and Mixed at Heet Mob Laboratories./DJ Hylanda, Daheeteus for Black Funkula Prod./Heet Mob Records L.L.C. Kansas City, Missouri 64131

Writers: John Lee (BMI)

Michael Charity,

James Saffold

Daniel Walker

Victor Hunt (BMI)

Stephen Jackson

Taha Perkins (BMI)

(C)(P) 2010 Bluto Muzik/Heet Mob Records L.L.C(ASCAP)

Song Description:

Help is on the way is a High energy uplifting, charge for hope! 6 of the Heet Mob camp Emcees cover different lyrical styles throughout the track about the present struggles of Haiti! A mass cry out for help on the hook by Heet Mob leads the fight for immediate concern and help while the smooth vocals of Blaq compliments with explanation and solutions to bring the whole concept together!


Heet Mob Records LLC established in 1991-92 by Victor "Daheeteus" Hunt to be the support record label to distribute the Music of the then rap group Innovative Black Funk.

Heet Mob released a free Hip Hop sampler in 1996 with musical collaborations by I.B.F. and the Basement Khemist, calling it the "Soul Project", spawning this to become a group and expand by recruiting fellow immediate mc's and friends and at the same time develop the talent under the umbrella of Heet Mob.

In 98' Daheeteus and John Lee of the Basement Khemist became business partners to join forces and legitimize the label as a self supportive independent label, providing recording, publishing, musical development, production and management, thus becoming, Heet Mob Records L.L.C.

In 2001 Heet Mob Records was signed to Chuck D's (Public Enemy) in a song licensing deal. This has given the label an outlet for its artist to be exposed, seen and heard worldwide digitally, as well as all other forms of musical releases, the record label for the 21st century. The exposure paid off almost immediately. In 2002 the slamjamz/Heet Mob Records-Soul Project single release "I See Ya" was picked up to be on the soundtrack of the Fox Searchlite movie Brown Sugar.

Heet Mob Records has continued to release singles under, presently under the self-titled group name Heet Mob.The past years have been highlighted by new material, various appearances and shows. Fully self-supportive with an office facility and studio, 16 artists and staff currently make up the family.

Heet Mob released the EP "They from Where" in 2006 complete with CD/DVD and 4 videos from the project. Various projects and singles since then have been released including the James Brown Hip Hop tribute Slamjamz release and WWE's Mark Henry's intro song "The Wall"! Currently Heet Mob is working on there newest full length CD "Found Missin" to be released 2010.

3. Knockin' on the Lord's Back Door

(J. Sparrow, J Rosado, K. Jason)

Performed by HiCoup featuring Kyle Jason

Produced, Arranged, Recorded, Mixed by DJ Johnny Juice at the Terrordome - Strong Island, NY

Scratches by DJ Johnny Juice

Featuring Kyle Jason

Writers: John Rosado - Juice On The Loose Publishing (BMI)

Jason Sparrow - (ASCAP)

Kyle Jason Smith - Afro Wop Music (BMI)

Song Description:

This song describes the plight of the man of color. From the times of slavery to the disaster in Haiti, the body counts of the black men have always kept rising. Haiti is the country that the world forgot. People have a vendetta against Haiti because of the fact that it liberated itself from European Colonial rule. Now it is left to rot by the world community.


Born in Brooklyn, raised in NYC and now residing in New Jersey, HiCoup has performed with and recorded with artists like Redman, Smif & Wesson, Wu-Tang and Nice & Smooth. A highly gifted lyricist, HiCoup focuses on socio-policital content as well as vivid descriptions of modern day Black life. HiCoup is also one half of the HipHop/Soul/Funk/Rock/Fusion band known as The Chosen. He released the album "Domestic Violence" with artist Divinity in 2008. Currently signed to Backwoodz Studioz based in Brooklyn, HiCoup is working on his upcoming album "Guerrilla Jonez."

4. Find My Way Home

(K. Jason)

Performed by Kyle Jason

Produced, Arranged, and Recorded by Kyle Jason

Additional vocals by:
Marie Auguste and Peguy Severe

Mixed by Kyle Jason and Johnny Juice at The Terrordome - Strong Island, NY

Writers/Publishing: Kyle Jason Smith - Afro Wop Music (BMI)

Song Description: from the words of KYLE JASON

I took a moment to reflect on the massive earthquake that devastated Haiti and took so many lives. That moment turned to hours. In those hours I thought about the events of September 11th, the preventable tragedy of Hurricane Katrina, Tsunamis, Tornadoes and other disasters. I thought about how immediate death can be. Whether it be the ground opening up and causing walls to crumble, or the massive impact of a man made bomb that levels a man made building and obliterates all things living, on impact.

These thoughts lead me to think about life and spirit. For those who believe, as I do, that the spirit lives on, how sad it must be to not know why you're moving on. To be taken so quickly, giving your spirit no time to come to peace as your body is no more. I thought, what happens to those spirits? What happens to spirits that rise from the ashes still thinking they are whole? Countless films have been made on this subject but I have never thought about it so deeply. These thoughts have inspired 'Find My Way Home'. How sad the spirit that still thinks he is of body. How sad the confusion of spirit when immediate death strikes.


With over fifteen bona fide years of soul at his back and a promising international presence ahead of him, the reigning representative of soul, Kyle "Ice" Jason continues to bring it smooth. The Long Island native, in 1997, brought Generations an album that was a critical accomplishment, with a foray into the mainstream label world (SONY). The lessons learned gave him new ideas about marketing and the position of quality of music over quantity of record sales.

His subsequent recordings and live performances gave freedom to his richest sounds and his fan base fed off the vibes from his soul. His numerous talents, chief among them his mellifluous voice, led him to talk radio, first building a dedicated internet fan base for years then being recruited to go national via Air America Radio/XM. The Kyle Jason Show brings music, informative interviews and topical chats with some of the most influential figures today. 2010 finds new releases and more live presence from the Dapper Toe Tapper. The KYLE JASON Collection will be available in a 5 album set via iTunes/ Amazon Black History Month 2010. Kyle will add to this already soul stirring volume with another album by years end 2010.

5. Faith

(D. Mangual, D. Santos, M. Levy)

Performed by Donique

Produced and Recorded by Mike Levy at Mike Levy Studios

Writers: Dontique Mangual - (BMI)

Daniel Santos

Mike Levy

Song Description:

Faith is about analyzing the world we lie in and trying to see the good through the clouds of evil all around us. Without Faith that a change can come, we will all go crazy in one way or another.


Born in Brooklyn to 15 year old parents, Dontique started writing music at age nine while mimicking his father who always had songs laying around. He got signed to Epic Records in 1994 at age 14 and started producing at age 15. He has recorded with Lord Jamar (Brand Nubian), Groove Theory, and Mark Sparks.

6. La Misere

(DC Snyder, J. Howze)

Performed by LOWdown

Produced and Mixxed by C-Doc for DefBeat Posse Productions, ID!

Written, Recorded, and Performed by Tirade & C-Doc

Recorded at 120- Freeport, PA and Mao's Chinese Theatre- Massillon, OH

Writers/Publishing: David C. Snyder - DefBeat Music (BMI)

Joseph Howze - (BMI)

Song Description:

La Misere is inspired by some actual Haitian recordings from the 1950's of Voodoo ceremonies. Also featured are some sound bytes of a public domain travelogue film that speaks on some of the island's history.


Long time comrades Tirade & C-Doc have been creating music and videoworks for many years. In 1994 they put a name to these curiosities and LOWdown was born. In 2006 they released their debut album on the SLAMjamz label: groundZERO. groundZERO is a CD/ DVD experience that attempts to recapture the breakbeat, bass-heavy Hiphop of the early 1990s mixed with the duo's trademark off-kilter humor. They followed the album up with the dumpTRUCK EP and are currently working on their sophomore effort DUCK YOU SUCKA!

7. Why Y'all Wanna Kill God

(The 7th Octave)

Performed by The 7th Octave featuring Mecca aka Grimo

Produced by: Professor Griff

Recorded at Solar Sounds studio

Engineered by Vance Vexed

Professor Griff (vocals and Percussions)

Khari Wynn (Guitars)

Society (Vocals)

Tammy Stanko (bass)

Omar Phillips (Drums)

DJ EarthOne

Turntable work by: A DJ Named Khalil (Khalil Amir)

Writers/Publishers: Kavon Shah - Heirz To The Shah (BMI)

Song Description:

"Why yall wanna kill god is a song that explains the damage we do to the god self. why do we destroy the god essence that every human being pocess. The question is asked, because we need to know why we kill the god frequency that we are suppose to be operating on. Inside the music we a sinister mindset that destroys the beautiful art of music that has brought the industry to its knees begging for the peoples mercy."


With metal riffs, gritty Hip-Hop rhythms, fiery lyrics and blistering instrumentation, the diverse musical collective that is 7th Octave introduces a colorful blend of original sounds. The brainchild of front man Professor Griff, Minister of Information for the world-renown rap group PUBLIC ENEMY; The 7th Octave was spawned from the love of Hip-Hop, rock and social consciousness. The cohesion of like - minded artists, synching off of the same vibe, is felt in every performance with Professor Griff and Power Born bringing the vocals, Khari Wynn on guitar, Jahi Asad on Bass, Qass (pronounced kwace) on drums, and DJ Legacy on the 1s and 2s.

In the age of disposable, semi-musical, cookie cutter acts, The 7th Octave offers a different audio perspective. One that provides substantive and creative subject matter, taking the listener beyond common beats and deep into their mind-expanding rhymes. With thought provoking issues and viewpoints, culled from the realities on the streets and filtered via pure musical genius; forward thinking minds of the new millennium, are craving what is The 7th Octave experience.

8. Raise Up

(J. Rosado, A. Hayes, A. Allen, G. Stanton, J. Height, C. Jackson)

Performed by Son of Bazerk featuring Al "Purple" Hayes

Produced, Arranged, Recorded, and Mixed by DJ Johnny Juice at the Terrordome - Strong Island, NY

Scratches and Percussion by DJ Johnny Juice

Guitars by Al "Purple" Hayes

Writers/Publishing: John Rosado - Juice On The Loose Publishing (BMI)

Al Hayes - Al Hayes Music (ASCAP)

Anthony Allen - (BMI)

Gary Jerome Stanton - (BMI)

Jeffrey D. Height - (BMI)

Cassandra M. Jackson - (BMI)

Song Description:

The song "Raise Up!" is an inspirational anthem demanding that people "get up and get involved" in helping Haiti as well as other regions in need, due to natural disasters and the elements on man by restoring and rebuilding hope, faith and prosperity in the community,humanity and the Earth.


"Three guys, One girl and a One man BAND!" does not begin to describe Son of Bazerk featuring No Self Control and the BAND! the manic, unorthodox way they "ROCK" they mic. Hailing from Strong Island, New York, this underrated 90's hip hop phenom of a group are getting their second wind and they are coming "HARD!"

9. Candelo

(O. Sanchez)

Performed by Pa'lo Monte

Palo Mayor, Lead vocals – Osvaldo D. Sánchez

Palo Menor– Silvestre Wallace

Alcaguete – Fidel Paulino

Minor percussive instruments and background vocalists – Osvaldo D. Sánchez, Silvestre Wallace, Fidel Paulino, José Figueroa, Alexander LaSalle, Manuela Arciniegas, Indira Bontín

Candelo was recorded at Applehead Studios in Woodstock, New York and mastered by Play-It Productions in New York, New York.

Song Description:

This song is an example of a traditional, Afro-Dominican rhythm called palo, which is popular throughout the country and the island as a whole. It honors Candelo, one of the loas (spirits) within the Dominican and Haitian Vodoun pantheon who is a warrior, represented by fire, a machete, a fist, and who has the power to resolve problems expeditiously. With this song, Osvaldo honors a request made by Candelo at a ceremony, where he insisted that he must write a song for him. In it, Osvaldo laments the miserable, unjust conditions under which people are living, imploring Papá Candelo to intervene on our behalf, asking why people must suffer in order to live.

Finally, he reminds us that no matter how hard it gets, Papá Candelo will take care of his children. In the tradition, songs such as Candelo are calls to the community, understanding their hardships, reminding them of their faith, and a rallying cry to resist and survive.


Pa'lo Monte is a cultural group that teaches and performs the traditional rhythms and melodies of the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Through the teaching of music, dance and specific political and spiritual traditions, we are keeping alive a whole legacy that has been passed down to us from generation to generation. Our mission is to preserve and popularize the African and Indigenous cultural traditions of the Dominican and Haitian people and strengthen the level of respect for the values and traditions of our ancestors.

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  • 1  THIS BIT OF EARTH / Mistachuck, featuring Kyle Jason and Dj Johnny Juice
  • 2  HELP IS ON THE WAY / Heet Mob
  • 4  FIND MY WAY HOME / Kyle Jason
  • 5  FAITH / Dontique
  • 6  LA MISERE / Lowdown
  • 7  WHY YALL WANNA KILL GOD? / The 7th Octave
  • 8  RAISE UP / Son Of Bazerk and the No Self Control Band
  • 9  CANDELO / Pa'lo Monte