Public Enemy - Man Plans God Laughs INSTRUMENTALS

This is the Man Plans God Laughs INSTRUMENTAL album.  Gary G-Wiz makes the music breathe even more in his sonic brilliance. All the lyrics are on the floor here, which on the goal of shorter songs. The total album time is under 30 minutes.


  • 1  No Sympathy From The Devil Instrumental
  • 2  Me To We Instrumental
  • 3  Man Plans God Laughs Instrumental
  • 4  Give Peace A Damn Instrumental
  • 5  Those Who Know, Know Who Instrumental
  • 6  Honky Talk Rules Instrumental
  • 7  Mine Again Instrumental
  • 8  Lost In Space Music Instrumental
  • 9  Corplantationopoly Instrumental
  • 10  Praise The Loud Instrumental