Kasuf and the Mazz Muvement - Miles Away

The second album release of Kasuf and the Mazz Muvement, "Miles Away", is a dedication to Miles Davis and Carlos Santana. This masterpiece was recorded entirely in College Park, Ga, in 2000, with the exception of "Remembering Miles", which was recorded in Roosevelt, Strong Island in 1997. Miles Davis, ever since his passing has been appearing to me in dreams. This cat taught me how to play the trumpet in one dream.......that's how I learned to play! It's 2009 and he's still visiting me.

If I just took you for a ride with that one, GREAT.......that's why the album is entitled "Miles Away", because it is truly miles away......spaced out just a bit and waaaay over your head. There are eight original compositions on this epic work. The title cut "Miles Away" says it all in almost twenty minutes of playing time. In creating this album, I put myself in the spiritual mode of John Coltrane, but with the free craziness of self expression as Miles and Carlos. Once again, I'm playing all the instruments.....forever the one man band.

"Voices of the Unseen Forces" speaks of the frequent spiritual conversations that Miles and I have. This particular work was also the theme of an Atlanta concert presented by the Atlanta Composers in the summer of 2007. "Thirty Year Reflection" was composed around my 30th birthday, and it's how I felt at the time.....quite contemplative. I remember hanging out with Roy Haynes at his house in Las Vegas; I let him hear the album and he said to me, "Yeah.......that shit's far away"......and we laughed!!!! He dug "Remembering Miles" back when I first recorded it in 1997 and suggested that I extend it, but maybe sometime in the future..........tomorrow.

That particular piece has been around awhile. The very day I did it, I mixed it and walked over to Roy's house (in Roosevelt) and let him hear it. The next week, I took this track to Loud Records and played it in their "weeded out" listening room, where everyone would be hanging out playing beats and freestyling rhymes. Eight-off the Assassin had just finished rhymin' over his own beats and cats were afraid to play anything, so I popped my dat in of a jazz cut!!! should've seen their faces man..........all of their highs were gone after that!!!! But...young black folks need to know and be exposed to more than just rap music. You feel me? And, music is's either good or bad......Duke Ellington said that. And, this album is an attempt to do that, while at the same time embodying my self expression.

And, I am Kasuf...........Miles Away!!!!!!!



  • 1  Highly Spiritial
  • 2  Tomorrow
  • 3  For Carlos And Miles
  • 4  Remembering Miles
  • 5  Miles Away
  • 6  Voices Of The Unseen Forces
  • 7  Voodoo Woman
  • 8  Thirty Year Reflection
  • 9  Tomorrow/ Alt Mix