Public Enemy - Most Of My Heroes STILL Dont Appear On NO Stamp

25 years is a long journey in any artists career, especially a recording group even more incredible in the genre of RAP music and HipHop. Public Enemy releases the first of two highly anticipated albums in 2012 with Most Of My Heroes STILL Don't Appear On NO Stamp, a explosive musical lyrical statement to the Planet Earth. 11 tracks laden with the sonic and word fury this group has been known for. Complete with interludes saluting the rebels of freedom,directly spoken over beats to tie it all together. CHUCK D, FLAVOR FLAV, DJ LORD, PROFESSOR GRIFF the baNNed and S1WS all contribute in a big, necessary way. RUN TILL ITS DARK,GET UP STAND UP, CATCH THE THROWN and the single and video I SHALL NOT BE MOVED speak volumes by their titles alone. It's a new sound with the CLASSIC Bomb Squad like assembly approach with contributors like ZTRIP, LARGE PROFESSOR, BUMPY KNUCKLES, with BROTHER ALI, CORMEGA, and Hall Of Famer DMC and others. The first NEW studio album since 2007,Public Enemy planned 2012 to be a unique recording output of sight and sound after the result of listening and watching these past 5 years. A must millennium anthem for the music masses galore.


What PEople are saying about "Most Of My Heroes STILL Dont Appear On NO Stamp"

4.0 out of 5


By J. Richardson November 23, 2012

"The mighty Public Enemy is back with their... eleventh studio album? I honestly lost count. It's been five years since their last album, and over 25 years since their debut. That's what makes this album all the more surprising. After 25 years of making music Public Enemy hasn't deviated from their original formula. They never faltered or succumbed to recent trends, and that's what makes this group so amazing. If you've ever heard a PE album then you know what to expect here. From the start of the album you're blessed with a sound that we've all grown to know and love. With that said, it still sounds fresh. It doesn't sound recycled or outdated, it sounds like a modern day Public Enemy. This eleven song album runs at around around 48 minutes and you have Chuck D talking about the usual; politics, race, and music. Overall it's just really refreshing to hear an album like this. The production is excellent and honestly it's what had me coming back for more. That's not to take away from Chuck D's lyrics, but they aren't the strongest we've heard from him. There's also a couple of guest appearances on here. You've got Brother Ali, Z-Trip, Bumpy Knuckles, Large Professor, Cormega, and DMC. Each one bringing a verse worthy of being on a PE record. Standout Songs: "Get Up Stand Up (Feat. Brother Ali)" & "Catch The Thrown (Feat. Large Professor & Cormega)" Overall Score: 8.5/10 - As I said before it's just really refreshing to hear an album like this. Especially in a time where a lot of the OG's are trying so hard to fit in with what's popular right now. I can't wait to see what they bring on the other new album coming out later this year."


Chuck And Flavor Still Public Enemy,But Not Criminals!

By Andre S. Grindle

"Sometimes there are reminders in my personal life of what a maddening,frightening journey the first decade of the new millennium turned out to be. Probably started out on the wrong foot when the more grandiose event of the millennium received more publicity than the fact a century was turning over too. PE's importance,not just in hip-hop but the music world at large,couldn't have been more evident. On the other hand the political and social climate on which their MO's was to comment on simply didn't want to hear protest,despite it being a constitutional right. So PE's released output became more and more spotty. And music in general,hip-hop most evidently,began to reflect mostly uncertainty and confusion. So at a time where America is on the cusp of much more hopeful days ahead PE have decided to make a major comeback-starting with this album. Looping throughout this album are conversations illustrating the albums theme,extending on Chuck's famous line from the PE classic "Fight The Power",for which this album received it's title. Naming such figures as Rose Parks,Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz the album extends from there onto a potent,live and fully funk infused musical setting across "Get Up Stand Up" recorded with Brother Ali,"I Shall Not Be Moved","Get It In" and especially on the captivating "Catch The Thrown" and "Truth Decay",my personal favorites here. On these numbers Chuck D makes it clear for anyone not in the know how ethnic,sexual and economic prejudice are still intertwined into American society as much as they were when PE made their first album. Only the lives of Americans tends to be too fast to notice. This is reflect in "Fassfood" and the epic closer "WTF?",as Chuck scratches his head basically at the state of affairs still too present around him."


  • 1  Run Till It's Dark
  • 2  Get Up Stand Up featuring BROTHER ALI
  • 3  Most Of My Heroes STILL..featuring Z-Trip
  • 4  I Shall Not Be Moved
  • 5  Get It In featuring Bumpy Knuckles
  • 6  Hoovermusic
  • 7  Catch The Thrown featuring Large Professor and Cormega
  • 8  RLTK featuring DMC
  • 9  Truth Decay
  • 10  FassFood
  • 11  WTF?