Anime Oscen - My First Time

Lost And Found- The struggle of giving up on finding the right person and blocking yourself off from letting anyone in. Then the right person comes along and it’s inevitable. Because you’re finally found by goodness and done feeling lost.

Innosense- When you meet that someone and the desire is undeniable. But you fight the feelings with all your might out of fear of being hurt and stuck with feelings that won’t subside.

Not A Love Story- Exactly like the title says. It’s not a love story because it’s real. The opposite of Taylor Swift’s Love Story!

Freak Show- It’s about getting freaky and naughty in private with that special someone.

Believe- After giving up on finding love and no longer even believing it exists, it arrives. It’s undeniable, unchangeable and just plain magical.

Heat- The song speaks for itself. It’s about raw lust between two people who can’t get enough of one another.


  • 1  Lost And Found
  • 2  Innosense
  • 3  Not A Love Story
  • 4  Freak Show
  • 5  Believe
  • 6  Heat