Kasuf and the Mazz Muvement - My Soul Has Been Exposed

Count Basie once made a record called the World is Mad. I caught a glimpse of that particular record while in a record shop out in Toronto, Canada. I phoned Roy Haynes, and he and I talked about Basie's recording. I told him I'm gonna use that title as part of my next album. While putting together the material for the 5th Kasuf and the Mazz Muvement album, I dug deeper into my personal life for the lyrical content.

As a result of much reflection, I came up with the title of this album, "My Soul Has Been Exposed". Ten songs, no wrongs, but only musical delights, as you experience the most bizarre kasufgasms that your ears can stand. With such songs as the "The World is Mad", "Family Affair", and "Dr. Strange", you get a raw sensation of reality. "Family Affair" is Curtis Mayfield style song that speaks about the dis-unity within the family. For you jazz heads, "The World is Mad" is raw and straight-forward kasuf, as I envoke the spirit of Miles Davis at the entrance........calling out....."Miles"!!! "Life Without Music" and "Blues for Saladine" provide you with two with a big band kasuf feel, and the other a ballad. And yes, I am playing every instrument once again.......and singing.

Isn't that Kasuf! "Dedication" gives much thanks, and the outro, which a reprise of "The World is Mad" says that the album was recorded in Augusta, Ga.........well.........not true!!! I Kasuf''d it at home in my living room, in Union City, Ga. I did take a copy of it over to Jerry Pointdexter, James Brown's band director and keyboardist. Well, this wraps it up for the first 5 Kasuf and the Mazz Muvement albums.

Keep your ears and eyes open for the new Kasuf and the Mazz Muvement album: Music Speaks Louder Than Words....coming real soon!!!

Kerwin Young- Geometric Khemist; U.S. Secretary of the Arts



  • 1  The World Is Mad
  • 2  Temptation
  • 3  Life Without Music
  • 4  Dr Strange
  • 5  Dedication
  • 6  What Is It?
  • 7  The Next Time You Hear From Me
  • 8  Blues For Soladine
  • 9  Family Affair
  • 10  The World Is Mad/ Reprise outro