Jahi as PE2.0 - Nation Builder

Nation Builder to send an alternative vibration out that counters the current crisis in leadership in America.The album was originally called 40+  tapped into A track by Pain 1.made Jahiplzay track for some of his students and they said that beat was hard to rhyme over. It really describes the thinking and feeling of Jahi around the present and future with music.

Jahi describes this albums songs in his own words

Chuck Speaks- Chuck D is like the head coach for Hip Hop culture. We did a concert together in LA and he came and introduced me. More importantly that bringing me on stage, his words of encouragement was for everyone. It inspired and motivated us all in that room. As a thank you and salute I shared his words of wisdom.

All Night-
I went to go see Rakim. The concert was so packed it was a fire hazard. Rakim talked about coming back in his 70’s to rock. I went home and these words came out.

Already Know-
Straight social commentary over Boombap.
Younger people are quick to saw they already know something which is where the hook came from. Some of my more important rhymes.

Nation Builder-
Title track. The album was originally called 40+ until I tapped into this track by Pain 1. I played the track for some of my students and they said that beat was hard to rhyme over. I kicked a verse for them over this beat that became the title track. The second verse really describes my thinking and feeling around the present and future with music.

Ive had this track for almost a decade and never knew what to write. Never want to come off as tired in a sense of giving up or being weak about a situation. Once I was able to flip it to mean tired of injustice and put it in a way that gives the sense that it may be tiring dealing with systematic racism but like my ancestors who I shout out we keep pushing forward.

Tent City-
The homeless problem is America is so out of control and normalized. There is a huge tent city in Oakland on 27th and MLK and when I drove past I thought what would happen if I lost my financial security. I also looked in the eyes of many brothers and sisters homeless and heard these words coming from their pain.

Talk that Talk-
Channelling my inner Chuck D on this revisit. I called out Facebook and deporting of the Haitians and watched how all of these things became a part of public discourse. For me this is conscious battle rap where you are not taking on another MC, you are taking on ignorance and companies promoting death.

BLAP-Black Love & Power
Im an Oakland resident and really feel at home, but I am still originally from East Cleveland Ohio where we like beats that slap. When I heard this by DJ Pain 1 I knew I was going to use it, but wasn’t sure how to flip it. Once I got the chorus it was on. Social consciousness over trap.

Real Recognize Real
Im an introspective person at heart. Night time is always where I work out life. I also play beats mostly at night and open myself up to be a vessel for words. This track by Divided Souls wrote itself. The idea of going from good to great was on my mind for every line.


  • 1  Chuck Speaks ( featuring Chuck D )
  • 2  All Night
  • 3  Already Know
  • 4  Nation Builder
  • 5  Tired
  • 6  Tent City
  • 7  Talk That Talk
  • 8  B.L.A.P.
  • 9  Real Recognize Real