Anime Oscen & Hive - North Country

Comprised of longtime friends and performers, Leslie Allin, Eric Papky and Michael Brown; Anime Oscen and Hive aka AO&H, bring 17 years of chemistry to their music. The collaboration with Hive studios assisted Anime in producing songs which gained the attention of rap icon Chuck D. who mentored their message into politically charged country songs. These reflections underpin the artful and traditionally folk styles of Anime’s songwriting. The Hamilton, Ontario trio AO&H has recently compiled a 4-Track album release of North Country dubbed NewFolk C&W. The single and video for “Everyone’s Got Won” is a defense attack on gun abuse in the world at large, but specifically the USA. Just an example of the powerhouse music on release.

The trio performed four of their songs live at the Georgia Many Rivers To Cross Festival on October 1st 2016. The road trip to the festival and their performance there is part of an introspective documentary on the group. With two music videos released, their songs are making way to a fan base seeking more cerebral country music sounds.



“Everyone’s Got Won” asks one to imagine a world where every single person, including toddlers, are walking around with a loaded gun. It paints a world where no one is ever able to relax. The message is clear: From afar it looks as though the USA is almost at this point.

Verse- “You say that’s impossible, that child, with a smile. A toy in one hand, the other a fistful. This is not a nightmare, this is tomorrow if we have no fear our demise is near.”


“Borders, Waters and Orders” touches on the United States government feeling free to dictate who is human on “their” soil as well in as every other country they want to control.

The second verse of the song speaks about the Black Lives Matters movement and its overdue importance in making certain types understand that they are no better than anyone else because of their skin color. The invalidity of war is the subject of the bridge. Not one for the faint of heart.


“The Bad Kind of Pain” A love song? No. A song about being toyed with, led down a primrose path to an unforeseen black hole of infinite depth. A man’s ego needing to be fed.

A woman’s heart, the casualty.


“Uber Loser” Inspired by the male Uber drivers being accused of inappropriate behavior while they should be providing a safe ride. A parody that quickly becomes more serious with a potent message to all males on the prowl.


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  • 2  Borders, Waters and Orders
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