Jahi as PE2.0 - PEople Get Ready

PEople Get Ready- Chuck D called out the title, and I made a song that was more a call to action than a rap.

What They Need- Covering PE's original adding my special lyrical sauce. Coming smarter than smartphones.

Panther Power- An ode to Tupac and I live in Oakland.

Who Stole The Soul- Divided Souls made it happen on this new version, but I still want to rock the original.

Greatness- Was supposed to be the intro song, but PEople Get Ready came out really well, but I still wanted to rock it as its a classic one out of the archives.

Mind Over Matter- When I figured out how to cover Public Enemy. It's a challenging task to say the least.

Beautiful Wonderful- Maya Angelou and Ruby Dee passed while writing this album.

World Beat- Make it happen/do your thing/and go and see the world. This Side- Some hard ass Public Enemy.

Yo- Once Chuck D told me Yo means pay attention.


  • 1  People Get Ready
  • 2  What They Need
  • 3  Panther Power
  • 4  Soul reVisited
  • 5  Greatness
  • 6  Mind Over Matter
  • 7  World BEAT
  • 8  Beautiful Wonderful
  • 9  This Side Rides
  • 10  YO!….