POPS SMASH - Pops Gotta Brand Old Smash (Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Almighty Jahwell enters the 21st Century as Pops Smash : The Dynamite Alter Ego Of Raploitation! Born in the 60's, rhymed in the 70's and style from the 80s as a card founding member of the legendary Son Of Bazerk Crew, this cat is beyond ready for 2020. His debut album "Pops Gotta Brand Old Smash" emerges with a local bar and tavern jukebox style of CurbFunk and OG wit, put down on wax, cassettes, 8tracks and all that new jive, too. All fresh on The SpitSlam Record Label Group.


  • 1  Pops Gotta Brand Old Smash
  • 2  Vietnam Corner
  • 3  Wagon Hotel On Wheels
  • 4  Stretchmarks
  • 5  Gym Fo Yo Face
  • 6  Tell It to God
  • 7  Sonofa
  • 8  One Fix
  • 9  Brand New Jim Same Old Crow