Various Artists - Post Modern Cave Art

Postmodern Cave Art

Postmodern Cave Art, by Joe Bad X, is one album from a trilogy, which also includes Variations and String Theory. This collection of acoustic guitar interpretations draws from many different musical genres, attempting to create unity from a diversity of styles.

Beginning with an acoustic leap into the haunting abyss of the masters of metal known as Metallica, this album includes covers ranging from the acoustic folk of Joni Mitchell and Neil Young to the progressive rock stylings of Jethro Tull and Pink Floyd.

With rock and other styles distilled into simple and pure vocal and acoustic guitar arrangements, and instrumentation perhaps more typically associated with that of a folksinger, this collection seeks to challenge musical stereotypes, and at the same time preserve the essence of the original songs.

Postmodern Cave Art
1. Welcome Home [Sanitarium] (Hammett/Hetfield/Ulrich) – Ah, Metallica on a steel-string acoustic. :) I spaced out the verses and left out the primal scream Hetfield does (‘JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!'), because it seemed to destroy the ambience. I love this one because I get to take the role of the mental patient. ;)  I did a lot of work to reduce the guitar string noise—string noise is much less on nylon strings so in the future I would only try to play this on nylon rather than steel. This song might make an intense video, but I don't really have an idea what I would do exactly.'. It's best listened to in a dark room, maybe by candlelight. It's about mental health, schizophrenia, violence, and light topics like that. I spaced out the arrangement compared to the original Metallica song so each lyrical line can be better heard

2. Friends (Page/Plant) – As I mentioned before, I play this with a slide.  I've thought about doing a video to this, using some footage from the original ‘Lord of the Rings' animated movie from the 1970s.

3. Pinball Wizard (Townshend) – A classic Who track, of course.'

4. Dun Ringill (Anderson) – Glad you liked this one—it's one of my faves too. Love the lyrics….

5. War of Man (Young) – This is an absolutely beautiful Neil Young anti-war song. I could have had a better vocal take, but I really love this song anyway. The lyrics are phenomenal—it's probably my favorite Neil Young song of all time.

6. The Dawntreader (Mitchell) – I really love this Joni Mitchell song, basically unknown and from her 1st album. The take is a little rough, but I still really like it. I changed the lyrics to sing a woman rather than a man (‘he' to ‘she' and ‘him' to ‘her').

7. Driftin' Blues (Williams/Moore/Brown) – I learned this from a Pete Townshend record. I notice a few weeks ago on a PBS special about Sam Cooke that he used to do a version of this one. I never knew that until I saw that show that Cooke started his own record label too—he was so brilliant and talented but died far to young and so tragically.

8. Stop! (Avery/Farrell/Navarro/Perkins) – Another Jane's Addiction cover—I used to listen to a lot of their stuff in the 1990s. A fast-paced number. 

9. Raise the Roof (Ridenhour/Sadler/Shocklee) – I didn't get an ideal take for this one, but it's a nice chord arrangement, I think, especially since your original doesn't really have any chords, so I had to kind of make up some…. J

10. Goin' Mobile (Townshend) – Ahh, the Who of course.

11. Silver (de Freitas/McCulloch/Pattinson/Sergeant) – An Echo and the Bunnymen song—they were a pretty cool band, I think. I really like the lyrics of this one.

12. Dogs (Waters/Gilmour) – The original version of this Pink Floyd song lasted a whole LP album side. I cut it down to about half the length. Even without David Gilmour's beautiful electric solos, it is a powerful progressive rock piece, I think. I recorded 2 other short tracks from the same album (Pigs on the Wing parts 1 and 2 from 'Animals'), but they didn't quite make the cut and this long song is enough Pink Floyd for one album.


  • 1  Welcome Home [Sanitarium] (Hammett/Hetfield/Ulrich)
  • 2  Friends (Page/Plant)
  • 3  Pinball Wizard (Townshend)
  • 4  Dun Ringill (Anderson)
  • 5  War of Man (Young)
  • 6  The Dawntreader (Mitchell)
  • 7  Driftin' Blues (Williams/Moore/Brown)
  • 8  Stop! (Avery/Farrell/Navarro/Perkins)
  • 9  Raise the Roof (Ridenhour/Sadler/Shocklee)
  • 10  Goin' Mobile (Townshend)
  • 11  Silver (de Freitas/McCulloch/Pattinson/Sergeant)
  • 12  Dogs (Waters/Gilmour)