Public Enemy - Rebirth of a Nation

Public Enemy is set to once again blow up the spot with their latest offering, the Paris-produced Rebirth Of A Nation. Available exclusively on Guerrilla Funk Recordings, Rebirth Of A Nation is an exercise in controlled chaos, as Paris pulls out all of the stops to present the finest work yet for what is arguably the most important hip-hop group ever.

5.0 out of 5 stars Rebirth of PE..., March 27, 2006
By B. Bowman "Double B"
Its obvious upon hearing this disc and last year's "New Whirl Odor" that PE are on a creative roll. They continue to be the only rap group out there who are willing to tackle issues that other rappers wouldn't dare touch. They deal with self image problems and our society's unhealthy obsession with plastic surgery on "Plastic Nation" and blast the White House's response to Hurricane Katrina on "Hell No (We Ain't Alright)". In an age where most rappers are content to put out singles and albums with no more content than to brag about their millions and bling, Public Enemy's focus on social issues is refreshing. I found the song "Can't Hold Us Back" to be particularly inspiring. Over what sounds like a sample of the guitar part from Curtis Mayfield's "Little Child Runnin' Wild", Chuck D, Paris, Dead Prez, and Kam really lay it down. The song culminates with a sample of the black power "I Am Somebody" chant, which I found to be effective as well as very inspiring. The fact that PE continue to challenge their audience by releasing albums like this only confirms their status as a major force in the world of rap. They will always have my support.


  • 1  Raw Sh*t
  • 2  Hard Rhymin'
  • 3  Rise
  • 4  Can't Hold Us Back
  • 5  Hard Truth Soldiers
  • 6  Hannibal Lecture
  • 7  Rebirth Of A Nation
  • 8  Pump The Music, Pump The Sound
  • 9  Make It Hardcore
  • 10  They Call Me Flavor
  • 11  Plastic Nation
  • 12  Coinsequences
  • 13  Invisible Man
  • 14  Hell No (We Ain't Alright) (Paris Remix)
  • 15  Watch The Door
  • 16  Field N*gga boogie (XLR8R Remix)