Just Plain Ant - Rumble, Young Man, Rumble

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Just Plain Ant is back with another fresh collection of his unique brand of hip-hop — beats, jazzy samples and a host of guests who each add their own flavor to the mix. Among the guests we’ve got blocSonic regulars such as Joey Ripps, Ohbliv and Sleaze. We’ve also got some new names — Black Liquid, Braintrust, Mic Jordan, Gordy Michael, NOTE, Octavion Xcellence, Photosynthesizers and last but not least… the INCREDIBLE… Chuck D! That’s right… the legendary Public Enemy front man took time out of his busy schedule to drop a verse!

As you’ll read in Ant’s PDF liner-notes, this album was a long time in the making and has undergone a few changes along the way… but in my opinion, it was worth it… Ant turned out another fantastic release! I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

Thanks in advance for checking it out! Remember… keep the music moving… share it… blog it… podcast it!


  • 1  Take One (Featuring Joey Ripps)
  • 2  This Is Madness (Just Plain Black) (Featuring Black Liquid)
  • 3  I'm Not Lyin' (Featuring Octavion Xcellence)
  • 4  No Title For It (Featuring Ohbliv and Gordy Michael)
  • 5  I Listen 2 Classical (Featuring Sleaze)
  • 6  Request (Featuring Barcodez and SamSun of Photosynthesizers)
  • 7  Primetime Bandit (Remix) (Featuring Draztiq)
  • 8  Way Back When (Featuring Chuck D)
  • 9  Some People Never Learn (Featuring NOTE)
  • 10  These Times (Featuring Sleaze and Joey Ripps)
  • 11  Out Of Here (Featuring Mic Jordan)
  • 12  Scream Out (Featuring Braintrust)