Various Artists - SLAMjamz  Millennium V - HOW WE ROCKED

This SLAMjamz  MILLENNIUM V HOW WE ROCKED compilation was straddling the edge and threshold of the analog to digital phase of 2007-2008. Up to this point SLAMjamz was releasing CD-DVD albums and Studdahman presents was the first all-digital album on the label despite leading into the revolutionary distribution. Kendo The Almost Famous 'Rockstar' video was essential. Crew Grrl Order teamed with MC Lyte on their sophomore album All Bets Off and boldly make a homage to the new First Lady Michelle Obama in the 20th year anniversary of Queen Latifahs 'Ladies First' with a song called 'First Lady'. PE and The Roots hook up on TV. Supernatural INC debuts its label imprint from SLAMjamz South. Dirty North, 7th Octave, also drop second albums. SLAMjamz releases internationally with eastern Europes Tijana bASS off her album 'Playground'.

These ALBUMS are compilations with Various Artists from the label as well as
special albums created for specific causes and reasons. Upon the first 10 years The SLAMjamz MILLENNIUM Series was inspired by catalog compilations of labels finding online digital distribution ultimate way to expose its music.The 21st Century Recording Label Experience. Our goal is to highlight our small artist base to discovering a 'new way' while discovering fresh new reasonable new artist revenue streams that reward the artist while they do what they love. We want to also be a 'prototype' label as well. After 10 years as a digital independent we are forming legs under us. The infrastructure has passion now. The artists are truly into their craft here full blast.

'SLAMjamz Records created in 1996 was designed simply to serve the uncompromising expression of Hip-Hop based music in general,' said Chuck D. 'Any particular style of playing and vocalization which represents an authentic way of musical feeling is genuine expression. By virtue of its significance in place, time, and circumstance, it possesses its own tradition, artistic standards and audience that will keep it alive. Starting as a licensing company, moving early into the online world and finally as a physical distributor worldwide, SLAMjamz varied approach is essential to the development of global urban acts.

Hip-Hop, therefore, is expression and communication, a musical and worldwide social manifestation, and SLAMjamz Records is concerned with identifying its impulse, be it with the option of varied sonic formats, not sensational and commercial adornments. SLAMjamz to present this to the world as a true 21st Century Recording Label..'

The SLAMjamz Digital Company Of Recordings ,The 21st Century Multimedia Label a Division of SLAMmedia INC.
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  • 1  Mistachuck featuring HEET MOB , Jahi - I Rap Black
  • 2  Crew Grrl Order-All Bets Off
  • 3  Kendo The Almost Famous-Rockstar 
  • 4  7th Octave- 7 Minus Sick
  • 5  The Impossebulls-World Full Of Sadness
  • 6  HEET Mob-Find A Way
  • 7  Tijana bASS-Da Da Da DAH!
  • 8  Heevan Haven-Black Roses
  • 9  Public Enemy- Bring The Noise LIVE with THE ROOTS
  • 10  he Impossebulls & The Scallions-King Heroin
  • 11  Crew Grrl Order-First Lady
  • 11  Crew Grrl Order-First Lady
  • 12  Kyle Jason-Room To Breathe
  • 13  Huggy-Cant Seem To Forget
  • 14  Koffee-Its On 
  • 15  Studdahman presents-J.A.E featuring Br33zy Baby-How We Rocked
  • 16  SLAMjamz Artist Revue-This Is A Mans Mans World
  • 17  LOWdown-So On And Yo
  • 18  Dirty North-Stress